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Days out in London: The Best Place to go Christmas shopping in London

At this time of year when the days are short, skies are grey and winds bitter the best way to combat the gloom that this weather spreads is to find a bit of festive sparkle and get involved in that gift giving lark.

Christmas 2015 at Fortnum and Mason's, photo by Modern Bric a Brac



Foodie Friday - Indian snacks cooked by Hari Ghotra and Brighton Bloggers

Cumin brings out the sweetness of a dish, said our hostess Hari, as she stood in front of us preparing an Indian snack of samosas.

Indian spices #CookWithHari photo by Modern Bric a Brac



Days Out in London - Inside the Houses of Parliament and the 50:50 Parliament petition

Did you know that tampons are classed as luxury items?

This means we pay tax on them, these luxury items that are regarded as essential protection by a large part of the population. This has not recently happened but what did happen recently is that the House of Commons voted to keep them as a taxable item.

Reason one for supporting the petition to make Parliament equally represented by men and women.

Big Ben and Oliver Cromwell, 5050Parliament, photo by Modern Bric a Brac



Days Out in Brighton: Made Brighton 2015, Designers and Makers Fair

A few things I'd like to say straight up, first, I've included more photos this time because in the past I've felt that I haven't included enough pictures to do the Tutton and Young events I've attended justice.

Made Brighton 2015, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Jonathan Rogers hand blown glass



Days Out in Sussex - Lewes Bonfire

Rain, processions going hither and thither, whizzing fireworks, flaming torches, the smell of petrol, spectacular effigies, impressive costumes, marching bands and some very friendly locals.

David Cameron effigy, Lewes Bonfire 2015 photo by Modern Bric a Brac
David Cameron effigy, Lewes Bonfire 2015



Foodie Friday - Waitrose presents Christmas 2015

Did I mind going to a Christmas event in London on the hottest day of the summer?

Not when it was to find out about what Waitrose would be up to this Christmas and discovered an amazing looking gold-dusted chocolate Toblerone inspired dessert containing a caramel and nougat mousse.

So with excitement mounting I swished through my favourite park in London, St James'. Up the steps beside the IOD (Institute of Directors) and along past the Royal Society.

Inside the grand hall at 3 Carlton House Terrace I was offered a Christmas cocktail and invited to step into a Christmas food bonanza.

This year Waitrose have created a signature blend of spices that smells divine and perfectly reflects the aromas we associate with Christmas. The mix contains nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamon, black pepper and tangerine and features in 30 of their products across their food, drinks and homewares ranges. It's absolutely lush as a shower gel and definitely worth trying, for it's lovely warming, sweet smell.

Waitrose Signature Spice, Waitrose Christmas 2015, photo by ModernBricaBrac


Foodie Friday - Top food trends from Toronto, Canada

Was there ever a time when us Brits didn't consume gallons of coffee and scoff batch loads of bagels? Really? Although it may seem as if the proliferation of coffee shops and mass availability of bagels must have been around since the time of the last ice age, it hasn't.

In fact, only twenty years ago in Vancouver, the Canadians were loving their coffee and bagels in a way we just weren't. Then Starbucks came over to the UK in 1998 and the Bagelman started to deliver bagels in Brighton in 1996.

From my first introduction in Canada to my ongoing love-affair with both, it was Canada that led the way for me.

So, when I found another great reason to fly across the pond, to see my dear friend and new mum, the lovely Caroline, a food tour of Toronto was an absolute must.

Beginning with the 200-year old market of St Lawrence, we found a whole host of curious and unusual food items to admire. There were yellow cauliflowers at Phil's Place, baby peppers and red beans at Family Foods, rye breads at Future Bakery and rare honey as well.

St Lawrence Market, Toronto, Canada photo by Modern Bric a Brac



Days Out in Sussex - Petworth House with rare and ancient treasures

With a collection of treasures that include 20 Turners, 20 Van Dycks, a 16th-century globe, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and a 2,500-year-old marble head of Aphrodite to name a few of their show stoppers, Petworth House has a staggering number of rare and ancient treasures to admire.

Head of Aphrodite, Petworth House, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Head of Aphrodite



Brighton Art Fair 2015 - Modern Bric a Brac's picks

Yes, the standard and diversity is just as amazing as last year's Brighton Art Fair and basically Modern Bric a Brac's picks would actually be all of them, but that would be a pretty long blog post.

So, to give you a flavour of the brilliant art at this year's Brighton Art Fair, here is this year's selection of some pretty exciting art on canvas, sculptures, ceramics and mixed media paintings.

The Art Fair only runs for this weekend, Friday 25 September - Sunday 27 September, and takes place in the Corn Exchange.

It's a great chance to meet the artists and find out the stories behind the pieces on display. I spoke to all the artists listed below and from some I found out what materials they used, who and what inspired them while others shared which pieces they liked best themselves.

If you get a chance to go I'd love to know which pieces stood out for you.

Eve Shepherd

Inspired to capture emotions and interpret them in the form of sculptures, within moments I was captivated by the stories Eve told me about her work.

Eve Shepherd at Brighton Art Fair 2015, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Seated Bull by Eve Shepherd, porcelain on wood

Eve Shepherd at Brighton Art Fair 2015, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Sculpture by Eve Shepherd



Travel - Four Top Reasons to visit Toronto Island

With an abundance of trees and not a car in sight, the differences between Toronto and the Island strike you as soon as you disembark from one of the three docks in operation.

Four top reasons to visit Toronto Island, photo by modernbricabrac



The Best Burger Recipe, as eaten by the Agnew family

When the challenge was set to find the best burger recipe I only had to think of my father's favourite meal and my mother's recipe and I was right there, transported back to the best barbecue day of each year, my father's birthday. 

Best burger recipe, photo by modern bric a brac


Fun fine dining for music lovers in Kooks, the North Laine's boho bistro

Feed me shots of Toblerone and play me tunes that I love such as Alt-J and I'll keep coming back for more.

That's how I felt after a night of fabulous food artfully presented and normally to be found in the kind of establishment that uses white tablecloths as a mark of fine dining.

Kooks restaurant, Brighton photo by modernbricabrac

Inside, Kooks, the restaurant steers clear of such markers and instead makes a very different type of statement. This time about another great passion of mine (and many others), dance music.



Top place for breakfast and brunch at Bill's in Brighton

This place is so well known in Brighton as the go-to place for breakfast and brunch that I've never written about it.

So look away now if you feel I'm being a bit retro with today's food offering.

However, if you are new to Brighton or Bill's, (they've now got more than 60 restaurants across Great Britain to try out), then this might highlight a place worth visiting.

Breakfast fry up at Bill's Brighton, photo by modernbrickabrack

Going to Bill's is part experience dining as well as part delicious food, the interior is full of colourful produce to purchase, chalk boards of information, crammed with tables and normally of people too. All of this adds to the enjoyment of eating there.


Edendum - eating in Brighton

Exciting foodie news, in just a few days time, 5th August, a new Italian restaurant, cafe and shop will be opening on the famous East Street (the street where the fight scene from Quadrophenia took place).

Already a popular spot for successful restaurants, East Street is home to both the award winning Indian Summer and Terre a Terre.

Edendum joins these foodie favourites to offer us Brits some unfamiliar, yet truly traditional Italian dishes to discover.

Edendum, East Street, Brighton, photo by modernbrickabrack



Rick Stein's Padstow and a day of sea bass

I knew Rick Stein had a restaurant in Padstow, I also knew when in Cornwall I had to try it out. What I didn't know was that he also has another restaurant, patisserie, gift shop, cookery school as well as accommodation in the pretty town of Padstow. Let's just say, if Padstow had a President I reckon Rick Stein would have a good chance of being elected.

Padstow photo by modernbricabrac



Stay in a castle in Cornwall - Tregenna Castle, St Ives

If like me you dream of a summer holiday by the sea, in a castle with spa facilities, then I've found the place for you. Possibly a little bit more niche is my love of everything eighteenth century, yet on this front it ticked that box too.

Tregenna Castle, St Ives, Cornwall photo by modernbricabrac



Checking out the FIX taster menu by James Cochran

Hackney is transforming. A new fashion hub has started to emerge where you can buy designer brands at huge discounts.

Anya Hindmarsh handbags, designer outlet, Hackney, London

Actually, this wasn't why I had jumped on the no 38 from Piccadilly to Hackney Central, but as I passed by and saw the name Anya Hindmarsh over the door and rows of beautiful looking bags inside, I had to go in. A sign on the table read 70% discounts. Nice, but I still couldn't buy a bag, so I asked if I could take a picture instead.

Next door were two more high-end stores, Pringle (think autumn cashmere) and Aquascutum (classic macs), you could literally smash a grand right there. Anyway, I didn't, I had come to see Anna and James' new restaurant FIX that had just opened around the corner and I was excited.


Raising the standard in Hove with free range, ethically sourced cakes

Keeping you in the loop with new happenings in Brighton and Hove, this #foodieFriday post is about a new bakery that has just opened in Hove opposite Hove Town Hall.

Raise bakery, Hove


Days out in Sussex - Bramber ramblings and a great place to picnic

It was the day we discovered an unintentional art installation; the story of a wife and her children taken to the Tower; a sighting of dainty blue damselflies and a very nice pub lunch.

St Nicholas churchyard, Bramber village, Sussex


Chilli Pickle - the Brighton Indian restaurant that I thought I knew

I kind of thought I knew about The Chilli Pickle. I'd tried their takeaway a few times and knew well it's ta-dah effect. It arrives pizza-box-style with an intriguing selection of little pots of pickles and dips such as Gobi (cauliflower) Thoran, Green Apple Chutney and Mixed Pickles.

The Chilli Pickle is also well-known, round-these-parts for having won lots of local and national awards. Located in the centre of Brighton opposite the Jubilee library, I'd walked passed it hundreds of times.

So far, so much of what I knew, although I'd never actually eaten there. I kind of felt like I knew the place already.

This changed, however, last Saturday when my brother was over from the States and his only wish was for a good curry. Apparently New York doesn't match up to our Brit offerings. After suggesting a load of places, The Chilli Pickle was decided upon and off we went.

The Chilli Pickle, Brighton

Poppadoms,The Chilli Pickle, Brighton



Spitalfields Market, modern architecture and a monument in London

This is a shared post, serving as a recommendation to go check out Spitalfields Market and some other places nearby and at the same time is a chance to give a shout-out to a really great book to take with you.

Taking its name from the hospital and priory, St. Mary's Spittel founded in 1197, Spitalfields lies in the heart of the East End of London and right beside Liverpool Street station.

At the opposite end lies Hawksmoor's Christ Church, consecrated in 1729 its striking white facade is due to the Portland stone that was used. Luckily this beautiful building has survived despite going through a period of neglect when the roof was declared unsafe and the then Bishop proposed its demolition in the 1960s.

Hawksmoor Christ Church and goat sculpture, Spitalfields

Scattered about are interesting sculptures to look at. I Goat, won the Spitalfields Sculpture Prize in 2010, of a hand-sculpted goat standing on top of a stack of packing crates by artist Kenny Hunter.



Days out in London - A peek into the past with Landmark Trust open day in Spitalfields

The area in London called Spitalfields is full of architectural charm from the dazzling Hawksmoor's Christ Church to the buzzing market where you can pick up hand-made curiosities. Nearby in the surrounding streets early brick terraces from the 1700s tell us stories of silk weavers and the original emigres.

Days out Spitalfields, London photo by Modern Bric a Brac


Days out in Sussex - A Country idyll and an abundance of lilac in Falmer village and Withdean Park

Taking my dear ones to somewhere I've been to and think is absolutely gorgeous is made even better when it turns out that they love it too.

Falmer village is just one of those places, it helps that the sun was shining and everywhere spring was working her magic.

Falmer village


Days Out - Dining and relaxing at The Pig in the New Forest

After a blissful day relaxing at the Herb House Spa in the New Forest we took ourselves off to our lodgings for the night at The Pig in Brockenhurst where our rooms were waiting for us.

Exterior, The Pig in Brockenhurst


An earthly blissful paradise of a day - Lime Wood House spa

Imagine lying on a bed of bubbles. In front of you the bubbles roll forward and off the edge of an infinity pool. The water is warm, the lighting is low, the walls are covered in dark slate and outside the trees are sprouting bright green in springtime.

Herb House spa
~ outdoor hot pool at the Herb House spa ~


#FoodieFriday - Fine dining and afternoon tea in Rye

Not every meal is amazing, so I quietly don't mention the ones that are just ok. There is also, I have found out no guarantee that a cute looking tea room or a swanky fine dining restaurant will deliver on the essentials.

1) friendly and helpful service
2) tremendous taste
3) ethical, local and small business champion
4) superb presentation

With such a demanding list of requirements, it's not surprising I don't go shouting about every meal I eat.

Perhaps the day we went to Rye we were lucky. Perhaps magically the universe realigned itself so I could have two great experiences on the same day, my birthday. Or perhaps Rye is just packed with great places to eat. I can't say for sure.

What I can tell you, however, is that I've found two great places to eat in Rye. Whether you're looking for a cream tea or a substantial munch, here are a couple of options that come highly recommended. 

Edith's House, Rye, Sussex
~ afternoon tea at Edith's House ~


Days out in Sussex - Rye and its smuggling past

Once surrounded by sea, the town of Rye clusters up a hill, where buildings date back to medieval times and is a place full of secrets from the past.

There's a pub still in operation that was once visited by Elizabeth I, called The Mermaid Inn (a notorious haunt for smugglers) and houses have whimsical names such as The House Opposite and The House With Two Front Doors.

The House With Two Front Doors, Rye
~ The House With Two Front Doors ~



When the #theFullFix nearly didn't happen

A few weeks ago, still in comp mode, I saw a competition to win a meal on a Facebook page I'd just liked. I didn't think much more about it until I found out I'd won! Yay! This was great news as I love food and the chance to have food cooked by a Chef in my kitchen sounded amazing.

Scallops on Himalayan salt block by Restaurant Fix
Scallops on Himalayan salt block by Restaurant Fix



My top Three Bucket List Destinations

I spotted a competition a while back to blog about your top three travel bucket list destinations for a chance to win a holiday with Transun and see the northern lights. As tomorrow is my birthday and I've already tried unsuccessfully to see the northern lights I thought I'd indulge in a little virtual day-dreaming and share my top three destinations.

Each one I've been dreaming about for so long that I already know quite a lot about them from films, books, tv and Pinterest.

Most frustratingly I've been pretty close to all of them, some on more than one occasion, even glimpsing one at a distance, across traffic, yet still out of reach.


My dream desto - straight away Puccini's aria starts to play in my head. Think Room with a View, Piazza della Santissima Annunziata, Santa Croce and Miss Honeychurch. Think that kiss in the stifling heat and the poppy field. I have watched this film over and over and am transported every time to the banks of the river Arno and the art of Michelangelo.

There is so much art to see, and so many historic places and beautiful piazzas to visit that I'll name just one highlight that I'd love to see when I go there.

Hidden behind an unmarked door in the Uffizi Gallery is the entrance to the Vasari Corridor. It is closed to the general public and runs along the top of the Ponte Vecchio (the bridge across the river). Built in 1565 it gave the ruler Cosimo de Medici safe passage, which became indispensable after he escaped countless assassination attempts. For 200 years it continued in private use before becoming an art gallery of 16th and 17th century art and only open for private tours.


The French palace built by the sun King Louis XIV and inhabited by royalty, aristos and all the rest until the women of Paris got fed up of starving and decided to go see Marie Antoinette. And that is possibly the worst summary of 100 years of illustrious history that you'll ever read regarding one of the most spectacular, lavish, ornate and enormous palaces ever built.

From learning about Louis XIV at school to becoming fascinated by the story of Helen Maria Williams and the French Revolution a few years ago, Versailles has kept coming up. I've travelled to Paris three times; once with my family, once on a charity hitch hike as a student and once on a conference to find out about Miss Williams.

The hitch hike from Cardiff involved hitching a ride with a lorry driver who told us he didn't like students, the Irish and wasn't keen on women. I didn't feel comfortable. Another ride, this time in France was with a lady with very long finger nails who drove erratically down a hill with bends in the road that made us silently hold our bags very tight and stare ahead rather nervously.

Rue des Hospitalieres, Saint Gervais, Paris
Rue des Hospitalieres, Saint Gervais, Paris

The winner is announced - Hotel Chocolat Easter egg giveaway and some stats

We have a winner! Massive thanks to everyone who took part, by adding a comment on here, clicking on Bits and Bobs Around Brighton or sending a tweet. Rafflecopter chose the winner and Hotel Chocolat sent them the prize. Dorothy from Winchester was delighted and has sent me an email to let me know it arrived yesterday. Woo hoo!

I also found out a lot about your favourite types of chocolate and as I love stats I thought I'd try and put the results onto an infographic. What I discovered is that my designs skills are not the best. Oh well. 

That said, it's still worth checking it out if you too like stats. 

For instance, can you guess what percentage of you chose milk (according to my very un-scientific study)?  Which is more popular white or dark chocolate?  And what percentage of you chose caramel? #statEaster 



Something for the weekend by Rosie Davis

Step off the streets of present day Brighton and into the Speakeasies of the 1920s.

It is clear to say that the chic style and risqué origins of the 1920s Speakeasies is becoming ever increasingly popular. Bars, clubs, club nights and music have been evolving into 21st Century versions of a phenomenon that first emerged around 95 years ago and the appeal is obvious. Underground, away from the eyes of the law and your average man, it was dangerous, and who doesn’t love a bit of danger?



Days out in London - Joshua Reynolds and the Wallace Collection

I remember reading an account of Sir Joshua Reynolds that left a lasting impression on me. From memory it had something to do with him as an older gent using an ear trumpet and appearing full of good humour.

The account was by the diary writer Frances Burney, famous for many things including her inside-court account of the madness of King George.

The Wallace Collection, London



Anthropologie love, a shop in London

In my world there's a lot of love out there for Anthropologie. First introduced to their Regent Street store by my sis a good while ago, every time I'm in London I hanker to go back.
anthropologie, homeware
Calling itself a destination store it combines floors and floors of colour, clothes, art and homeware with a wall of cascading plants.

Part of their mission is to nurture partnerships with both established and upcoming artists as well as having quirky and vintage pieces in their displays. It's a wonderful experience walking around one of their shops and I clocked a few others with mobiles in hand similarly impressed.

So, in case you've not yet jumped on the bandwagon or aren't near one of their Surrey and London stores, here's a few of the pics I took yesterday. 



Chance to win a Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg and making up a foodie quizz for the folks

An Early Happy Easter greeting from me and here's a chance to win a delicious Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat. The egg is one inch thick of deloveliness, contains 12 chocolates and is presented in the most deluxe packaging. Such a treat!

Just choose one or more ways to enter below, it's free and you can enter as many times as you like (the more the better).

The giveaway is open to the UK only and ends on Tuesday 31st March 2015, so get cracking.

All you need to do is login using your Facebook or email and leave a comment, send a tweet or go to Bits and Bobs around Brighton. The more ways you choose to enter the greater your chance of winning. Wishing you the best of luck.
Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last week I had the very exciting and truly delightful (sorry for gushing) opportunity to find out more about Hotel Chocolat and in particular their Easter 2015 range.

Meeting them at their cafe in Kensington I opted straight away for a classic hot chocolate to try and it came presented in a cute white cup on a small wooden tray. The hot chocolate was rich and creamy and I'd barely started drinking it when I met Alex who offered to take me on my very own guided tour of their Easter range.

We're all about more cocoa less sugar, he said High street chocolates use more sugar because it's cheaper whereas we use 2- 3x more cocoa instead.

Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate

We're also more ethical than fair trade, not only do we pay the cocoa farmers a fair rate but we're finding ways to ensure their farming methods are sustainable in the long run. 

This is definitely good to know as was seeing all the fun and quirky ways Hotel Chocolat have come up with around the theme of Easter eggs. 



How to match funding growth potential at Small Business event - 28 March 2015

Just outside Brighton in the picturesque Hurstpierpoint in three weeks time is an event that could very well be the answer that small businesses have been looking for.  A way to double their funding. 

Guest speaker, Kerry Kyriacou, will be talking about the Business Navigator Growth Hub, a government-funded service which helps businesses find the support and services they need in order to grow by matching funding growth potential. 

Sussex Pages event

Organised by Sussex Pages the event is part of a new monthly networking programme that provides activities to make it easier for small business owners to get to know one another.



Deliveroo to you too - Brighton takeaway

It all happened pretty quickly once the decision had been made. My Welsh Cariad loves a take away and I love ethical dining. We decided to try combining the two and keep us both happy.

H.en photo by modern bric a brac

Using the new delivery service currently hitting Brighton, Deliveroo we could choose from a selection of Brighton's most hip eateries and get it delivered in a flash.


Music for Curious Minds at the Brighton Science Festival - review by Annabelle Spender

Music for Curious Minds was for me one of the most exciting events programmed for the Brighton Science Festival. This was due to my background in designing bespoke medical equipment for young people with disabilities, including a musical wheelchair for my final year dissertation. 

The event was all about the latest developments that have been made to enable young people with disabilities to access music. Three organisations have combined their efforts for the last three years and we were to see the results.

Back in 2010 I had spent 9 months researching the existing musical instruments available in order to create my own, so I was looking forward to finding out what advancements had been made. I also took along a fellow musician so that I could find out what they thought of these incredible creations as well. The truly incredible singer / song writer Melissa Hubert joined me for the evening and was interested to find out about new instruments, be inspired and pick up ideas for her own music.

Music for Curious Minds at the Brighton Science Festival 2015 by Annabelle Spender



Brighton Nerd Nite, Science Festival Special - review by Annabelle Spender

I have never been to a Brighton Nerd Nite before that is not to say I have never been to an event full of talks on nerdy subjects but this was different. Previous talks have been around a specialist theme or subject that only designers, social media specialists or marketers would be interested in attending. This was going to be a different experience of seeing a different array of what we consider to be nerds in modern society from all different aspects of life. This event interested me because of my love of talks and learning new things.

Nerd Nite photos by Annabelle Spender

As I was attending the event solo, I wasn't aware of where I was going or what to expect but after getting my name off the guest list ticked and an entry stamp marked on my hand I cautiously made my way down the two lots of stairs to the basement of Komedia. Arriving early and being on my own meant that while I didn't have the front row I did get a seat on the second row of tables close to the stage. As the room slowly filled I was surrounded by other locals who had arrived in groups of two or three and quickly found that none of us had been to a Nerd Nite before. This was going to be an interesting event for all of us. The talk of cake and biscuits filled the table, as we got to know each other while waiting for the rest of the room to fill. Ninja cookies, chocolate cake and wookie gingerbread filled the table as nerdy glasses and pots of mini eggs were placed on all of the tables. The big screen in front of us also projected onto the smaller screens around the room allowing
everyone to see a counter slowly tick down to 0.



How the Victorians ruined the world, Brighton Science Festival review

Think flushing toilets, beard proliferation and immigration of the squirrel kind. The sprightly and amusingly competitive Arney sisters offered us a subversive take on the Victorians and what they did for us.



Days Out in Sussex - Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

After having spent quite a lot of time staring at computer screens and feeling stuck inside, the first chance I had to enjoy a spring-like day I was bouncing to get out and go somewhere.

This is what made us travel west to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum in Lavant. Covering 40 acres there are 50 buildings to wander in and out of for tantalising glimpses into the past.

Weald and Downland Open Air museum



Happy Heart Day! #heartsfoundallovertheplace

For the past couple of years I've been celebrating Happy Heart Day with a collection of hearts found all the over the place.

pakora heart #heartsfoundallovertheplace



Correspondence exhibition - Brighton Science Festival, review by Annabelle Spender

The science festival in Brighton has begun! The first event that I attended this year was a free exhibition and next to Preston Park. On reading the adult programme, Correspondence seemed like a perfect start to it due to my interest in art, marketing and technology.

Correspondence exhibition - Brighton Science Festival



Travel - A Guide to Art and Architecture in Reykjavik, Iceland

Wherever I go I tend to walk with my head tilted upwards as I look at the buildings around me. Reykjavik, Iceland was no exception.  In particular their brand-new show-piece concert hall Harpa, opened in 2011, gave me a whole ceiling full of refracting light to turn my head towards.

Reykjavik, Iceland photo by modern bric a brac



Meet the Reviewers - The Brighton Science Festival, 5 February - 1 March 2015

From this Thursday 5 February Brighton will be taken over by the Brighton Science Festival. 

Think cycling along the seafront to gain an insight into the solar system; an exhibition exploring Cancer cells; Hiroshima alongside Beethoven's Symphony No. 7; making your own rocket; finding out about dreams or going to a pub for a talk on the stars. 

Brighton Science Festival 5 Feb - 1 Mar 2015



Travel - My Guide to Reykjavik, Iceland and how to avoid rookie mistakes

Having just returned from the frozen land of ice where I learnt a few key lessons in travelling, I felt inspired to share some insights in the hope that unlike me you can avoid brushing your teeth in water that smells of rotten eggs; spending an evening with salt encrusted hair; missing the Northern Lights and choosing a poor exchange rate.

Reykjavik, Iceland  photo by modern bric a brac



Valentine's for your baby at My Mini Disco, Brighton

There's one thing Brighton folks love to do and that's party. With Brightonians this love-affair starts early, so whether you're a babe-in-arms (literally) or you've just started pre-school that statement still rings true.  That's why Brighton-based My Mini Disco was made for you (and your mums and dads too, of course).

myminidisco, Brighton

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