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Days out in Brighton - The Undercliff Walk

Forget the razzle dazzle of the pier and the showy, it's-all-about-me Pavilion, there are plenty of other Best Bits About Brighton to find out about and this one is suitable all year round.

The Undercliff Walk

The Undercliff Walk, #BestBitsAboutBrighton

On bright days the light reflects off the White chalky cliffs on one side and the sea on the other and the effect can be dazzling. When it's sunny in Brighton the Undercliff super charges this and turns it into the sunniest, most holiday-like day you could hope for. It's quite transformative.

Even though I live on the seafront and look at it every day, somehow I don't feel like I live by the seaside. However as soon as I reach the Undercliff Walk, which runs along the base of the cliff at sea level I get that amazing holiday feeling of being by the seaside.

During the winter months, the Undercliff walk has a different appeal. The waves are more riotous and it's all a bit more moody as the waves crash over the wall onto the path.

Whether you like the sea dramatic and attention grabbing or peaceful and calm, the Undercliff Walk offers a front row view.

Free to enjoy, the main part is two miles long between Brighton Marina and Rottingdean. The walk takes between one and two hours depending on ambling speed and there are buses back to Brighton from the main road once you get to Rottingdean.

The Undercliff Walk, #BestBitsAboutBrighton

To find the beginning of the walk go to ASDA car park in the Marina and look up to the left and you'll see a path running alongside the chalky cliff.

The Undercliff Walk, #BestBitsAboutBrighton
~ Brighton entrance to the Undercliff Walk above ASDA Marina ~

The path takes you behind ASDA, past houses in the marina where boats are moored outside and past the boat yard where yachts balance in the dry dock and then finally to where the path meets the beach.

The Undercliff Walk, #BestBitsAboutBrighton

If it's a breezy day expect to hear the roar of the sea before you see it as the path rises upwards taking you to above sea level.

The Undercliff Walk, #BestBitsAboutBrighton

On one side the cliff face towers upwards to glimpses of fence and sky, while opposite at high tide the sea breaches the wall and soaks the walkway.

Halfway along the Ovingdean Cafe appears offering warm bonhomie from a little hatch serving no nonsense cups of tea and coffee. Compared to prices in town a mug of tea for £1 and a mug of coffee for £1.20 is a bargain. It's run by Jane and Liz and as I was passing I asked Jane if I could take her picture and she kindly obliged.

Ovingdean Cafe, The Undercliff Walk, #BestBitsAboutBrighton
~ Ovingdean Cafe ~

The Undercliff Walk, #BestBitsAboutBrighton

The Undercliff Walk, #BestBitsAboutBrighton

If you don't fancy walking back you can catch a bus from outside the White Horse and enjoy a cliff top view as you whizz back to Brighton.

The Undercliff Walk, #BestBitsAboutBrighton
~ Sea view January 2015 ~
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