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About Me

Hi there, I'm a Brighton-based, London-bound, Belfast-born, Cardiff-frequenting Blogger. 

Join me on my travels as I find fabulous food worth eating, beautiful places worth visiting and events worth attending of the vintage and arts kind.

Sarah Agnew,
copywriter, author and blogger.

I love the social media world, it's immediate, honest and personal.  In the five years I've been blogging on ModernBricaBrac and tweeting @IrishAggers my life has been wonderfully enhanced by the many new experiences I have had.

Just as you'd expect from a bric-a-brac shop, this virtual offering is diverse, full of curiosities and particularly interested in fabulous food and great days out. Expect to find beautiful landscapes, historical buildings, art, restaurant recommendations and travel stories.

Follow me as I discover beautiful places in the UK, fabulous food in Brighton and London and have a whole host of other adventures.

My top picks include an invite to the Russian Embassy, fine dining in Mayfair, dancing en-mass like Kate Bush, joining in the Colour Run, as well as my travels to Cornwall, Canada, Iceland and Italy.

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