Foodie Friday - What Bloggers Should Eat and more stories

Bloggers are the new Creatives. Whether acting as Editor, Designer, Copywriter, Photographer or Social Media Manager on their blog, it's a creative process. Thanks to the people at Pod and Nutritionist Helen Money I found out what foods we should be eating to support this creative process.

Guide to What Bloggers Should Eat, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Vitamin hit blitz

Whether you're a Blogger or other creative type read on to find out what foods you should be eating.


Brighton Shop Heroes - Foxed Up Vintage

Without realising it I was half-stood in the open doorway of a shop while trying to find the right angle for a photograph I was trying to take.

Foxed Up Vintage Brighton, photo by Modern Bric a Brac


Foodie Friday - Dine with a View in London

Basically, I wanted to leave with my dignity intact, so I was faced with a difficult dilemma and that was whether to drink the blow-your-socks-off Bloody Mary that had just arrived.

Lunch at Barbecoa, St Paul's, photo by modern bric a brac


Days Out in London - French Eighteenth Century, Before and After

For a limited time only two exhibitions in central London offer us a chance to contrast a period in French history that saw two very different outcomes for its very privileged class.

Wallace Collection, London photo by modern bric a brac


Foodie Friday - Curry Leaf Cafe in Brighton

Recommended by more than one Brighton-based food writer, Curry Leaf Cafe has been on my must-go-to list for a while.

Curry Leaf Cafe, Brighton food review photo by modern bric a brac


Days Out in Brighton - St Nicholas Church and the Eighteenth Century

At one time it was the only church in town. It was then frequented by Samuel Johnson, Hester Thrale, Martha Gunn, Phoebe Hessel and the Duke of Wellington. The ancient mother church of Brighton had a significant role to play in the 1700s.

St Nicholas, Brighton photo by Modern Bric a Brac


Brighton Shop Heroes - Vintage in Kemptown Village

Remember Bagpuss? A pink and white old saggy cloth-cat. Each episode would begin with the lines 

Once upon a time. Not so long ago, there was a little girl and her name was Emily. 

The Vintage Workshop, Brighton photo by Modern Bric a Brac