Days Out in Sussex - Petworth House with rare and ancient treasures

With a collection of treasures that include 20 Turners, 20 Van Dycks, a 16th-century globe, a copy of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and 2,500-year-old marble head of Aphrodite to name just a few of their show stoppers, Petworth House has a staggering number of rare and ancient treasures to view.

Head of Aphrodite, Petworth House, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Head of Aphrodite

Brighton Art Fair 2015 - Modern Bric a Brac's picks

Yes, the standard and diversity is just as amazing as last year's Brighton Art Fair and basically Modern Bric a Brac's picks would actually be all of them, but that would be a pretty long blog post.

So, to give you a flavour of the brilliant art at this year's Brighton Art Fair, here is this year's selection of some pretty exciting art on canvas, sculptures, ceramics and mixed media paintings.

The Art Fair only runs for this weekend, Friday 25 September - Sunday 27 September, and takes place in the Corn Exchange.

It's a great chance to meet the artists and find out the stories behind the pieces on display. I spoke to all the artists listed below and from some I found out what materials they used, who and what inspired them while others shared which pieces they liked best themselves.

If you get a chance to go I'd love to know which pieces stood out for you.

Eve Shepherd

Inspired to capture emotions and interpret them in the form of sculptures, within moments I was captivated by the stories Eve told me about her sculptures.

Eve Shepherd at Brighton Art Fair 2015, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Seated Bull by Eve Shepherd, porcelain on wood

Eve Shepherd at Brighton Art Fair 2015, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Sculpture by Eve Shepherd

Four Top Reasons to visit Toronto Island

With an abundance of trees and not a car in sight, the differences between Toronto and the Island strike you as soon as you disembark from one of the three docks in operation.

Covering about 570 acres, 300 homes live car-free across the main island as well as on some of the smaller islets, collectively known as Toronto Island. 

Under a clear Autumn sky the bustle and noise of downtown Toronto just slipped away and although a lack of traffic is not included on the list below, it's reason enough for taking the short ten-minute ferry ride.

However, delving a little deeper I soon discovered some rather unusual and unique reasons to visit the Island, all of which could turn your day into a really special experience.
Four top reasons to visit Toronto Island, photo by modernbricabrac
Toronto from Ward's Island, photo by modernbricabrac

The best burger recipe, as eaten by the Agnew family

When the challenge was set to find the best burger recipe I only had to think of my father's favourite meal and my mother's recipe and I was right there, transported back to the best barbecue day of each year, my father's birthday. Every year as I was growing up my mum would make us the best burgers imaginable on 3 August. Combined with salads and sauces and Pimms (when we were old enough) it was my foodie family's idea of heaven.

#NationalBurgerDay #MeatUp #ASDA

Fun fine dining for music lovers in Kooks, the North Laine's boho bistro

Feed me shots of Toblerone and play me tunes that I love such as Alt-J and I'll keep coming back for more.

That's how I felt after a night of fabulous food artfully presented and normally to be found in the kind of establishment that uses white tablecloths as a mark of fine dining.

Kooks restaurant, Brighton photo by modernbricabrac

Inside, Kooks, the restaurant steers clear of such markers and instead makes a very different type of statement. This time about another great passion of mine (and many others), dance music.

Top place for breakfast and brunch at Bill's in Brighton

This place is so well known in Brighton as the go-to place for breakfast and brunch that I've never written about it.

So look away now if you feel I'm being a bit retro with today's food offering.

However, if you are new to Brighton or Bill's, (they've now got more than 60 restaurants across Great Britain to try out), then this might highlight a place worth visiting.

Breakfast fry up at Bill's Brighton, photo by modernbrickabrack

Going to Bill's is part experience dining as well as part delicious food, the interior is full of colourful produce to purchase, chalk boards of information, crammed with tables and normally of people too. All of this adds to the enjoyment of eating there.

Edendum - eating in Brighton

Exciting foodie news, in just a few days time, 5th August, a new Italian restaurant, cafe and shop will be opening on the famous East Street (the street where the fight scene from Quadrophenia took place).

Already a popular spot for successful restaurants, East Street is home to both the award winning Indian Summer and Terre a Terre.

Edendum joins these foodie favourites to offer us Brits some unfamiliar, yet truly traditional Italian dishes to discover.

Edendum, East Street, Brighton, photo by modernbrickabrack