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Having the Thai Touch in Cardiff – the best massage ever

~  It would not be a shocking admission to make that I put a lot of store by recommendations, for a start I make a lot of them myself.  It would also I’m sure not be a surprise to find out that my Best Friend is an advocate of personal recommendations as well and that as a result of my BF receiving two good recommendations for Thai Touch in Canton, we ended up heading to this Thailand-by-Cardiff for back and shoulder massages.

Thai Touch massage, Cardiff
Thai Touch massage, Cardiff
Although I am always keen to hear other people’s recommendations, my natural cynicism means that I still approach somewhere new with an amount of caution. Outside on Cowbridge Road East the weather was as grey as a rainy April day can be, inside we entered a little Thai haven. Seated on a cosy sofa our feet were bathed in warm water before being dried and placed in comfortable slippers and then escorted to a raised platform. Once in the raised area we were surrounded by drapes that could be tied back or lowered according to preference.  Feeling slightly awkward, BF and I followed the instructions given by the lovely Thai ladies to disrobe and replace with loose fitting white t-shirts and Thai trousers that had been left by the side for us.

As neither of us had undergone a treatment alongside someone else before and we didn’t know what was happening, we weren’t sure what to make of it. We lay back on our separate mattresses and two Thai ladies, occasionally chattering to each other softly in Thai started to press firmly on the soles of our feet. BF and I did not speak to each other but agreed afterwards that the pressure would best be described as very firm to slightly uncomfortable. The firm pressing carried on up my spine and I could feel that the corresponding parts of my body would move a little in response to the pressure, that is until she reached the bottom of my neck. I could feel that there was no give, so voluntarily I lowered my arms, asking, ‘does that help?’ to which the Thai lady pressed again, it felt no different and she said, no. The treatment continued and I could feel the crunching in my shoulder blades as the tension was eased out of them. BF felt a huge knot under her right shoulder blade hurting as it was being worked. Her therapist moved on to other areas and then would return to the knot and continued to do this until it had fully gone.

Now sat upright my Thai lady placed my left arm above my head and with her arm she pressed down on my shoulder by my neck and I heard a clunk, my body was moved round to the right and I heard a crack and I started to giggle as a kind of reflex reaction. BF started laughing too, so did the Thai ladies, nobody really knew why we were laughing, it didn’t matter, the place had a warm, welcoming feel to it.

From the distant music, the oils mixed with a traditional Thai combination of herbs, to the décor and the little Thai ladies chatter, I really felt I had returned for a moment to Thailand.

After the massages had ended, BF and I felt that we had been given the best massage ever. To finish we were offered ginger tea, and we sat a moment to enjoy it, the tea tasted good and of real ginger, a suitable ending to a rejuvenating experience.

The lady at the desk told us the business is owned by her mother, which is why she started to work there too. Unlike the other Thai ladies, the lady at the desk grew up near Swansea and spoke to us in soft Welsh tones. We told her how much we had enjoyed the experience and said with a smile that the shop is looked after by its own Buddha and asked if we had noticed the offering in the morning of three cream cakes.

There are six female therapists and the shop is open 7 days a week. They also have a Happy Hour offer, every day including Saturday and Sunday 10am – 2pm when the Back and Shoulder massage, normally priced at £40 is priced at £30.

In the end it couldn’t have been better and as it was my birthday present I was chuffed as beans, thanks Blondie!

Thai Touch massage, Cardiff
Thai Touch massage, Cardiff

Thai Touch
331 Cowbridge Road East,

Tel:  02920 236733

Twitter: Thai Touch Cardiff

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