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When the #theFullFix nearly didn't happen

A few weeks ago, still in comp mode, I saw a competition to win a meal on a Facebook page I'd just liked. I didn't think much more about it until I found out I'd won! Yay! This was great news as I love food and the chance to have food cooked by a Chef in my kitchen sounded amazing.

Scallops on Himalayan salt block by Restaurant Fix
Scallops on Himalayan salt block by Restaurant Fix

A date was set and to be honest at that stage all I was thinking about was cleaning, cleaning and tidying, a Chef was coming to cook in my kitchen.

The meal was delayed and quite frankly I was glad, there really was more cleaning to do. The date was changed again because my friend couldn't make the new date. Then my friend could no longer make it and I asked another friend and the event was planned for last Wednesday.

That was the day a train derailed at Brighton station causing chaos. The Full Fix team valiantly carried on, carrying the prepped food in ice cooled bags, in the heat, through delays and train changes, all the way to Gatwick. 

Trains were passing through crammed with people because of the derailment, arguments broke out, the Full Fix team, concerned about the spoiling food turned back.

My friend meanwhile had not called, which I thought was strange until I checked Twitter. There I found seven tweet messages from the golden blonde one. Her phone had died and she didn't have my number. She had made it to a pub in Kemptown and borrowed someone's phone to tweet me and wait. 
Potato and parsley soup by Restaurant Fix
Potato and parsley soup by Restaurant Fix

She had been waiting for two hours.

OMG, I tweeted, I'll be right there. 

Meanwhile, the Full Fix team had rearranged the event to the following evening, but somehow I wasn't sure this was going to happen. You know when sometimes it's just not meant to be.
But I thought, I'll see this through til it happens or we decide to give up on the idea.

Strangely enough, the next night it did happen and it truly was worth the wait and the cleaning.

The only hiccup turned out to be when my phone stopped taking photos and videos because I'd run out of space.

Here are the courses I managed to take pics of and videos with James talking me through the ingredients.

Roasted Jerusalem artichoke and ox cheek on goats cheese curd
Roasted Jerusalem artichoke and ox cheek on goats cheese curd

Restaurant Fix plans to make fine dining with a focus on seasonal produce and ethical farming affordable and accessible. Chef James Cochran has had years of experience in three different Michelin-starred eateries, including the only pub in London to receive this recognition. From there he has teamed up with Anna Downham to open Restaurant Fix with set taster menus at three price ranges.

The competition was run to promote the opening of their restaurant in Hackney at 177 -179 Morning Lane.

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