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Top place for breakfast and brunch at Bill's in Brighton

This place is so well known in Brighton as the go-to place for breakfast and brunch that I've never written about it.

So look away now if you feel I'm being a bit retro with today's food offering.

However, if you are new to Brighton or Bill's, (they've now got more than 60 restaurants across Great Britain to try out), then this might highlight a place worth visiting.

Breakfast fry up at Bill's Brighton, photo by modernbrickabrack

Going to Bill's is part experience dining as well as part delicious food, the interior is full of colourful produce to purchase, chalk boards of information, crammed with tables and normally of people too. All of this adds to the enjoyment of eating there.

Normally there's a queue along the side wall, but as it was 8:30 am on Saturday morning we virtually had the place to ourselves.

I had popped out with my Welsh One to take some photos of Brighton in the morning light and we had ended up deciding to go to Bill's for breakfast.

Bill's Brighton, photo by modernbrickabrack

I've been to Bill's in Brighton for breakfast and brunch many times since it opened in 2005 and generally end up choosing the same dish each time, eggs royale. A dish of poached eggs with hollandaise on smoked salmon and a toasted muffin. It's so good I find it difficult to try anything else.

Bill's Brighton, photo by modernbrickabrack

However, occasionally I have gone off piste and tried other dishes and the vegetarian breakfast is also delicious. It includes poached free range eggs, tomatoes, hummus, mushrooms, guacamole, sweet chilli sauce, basil and toast.

Bill's Brighton, photo by modernbrickabrack

This time I decided to go for a US / Canadian import, blueberry and buttermilk pancakes with banana, strawberries and maple syrup with smoked streaky bacon. The dish looked and tasted lovely, so it was great to try.

Breakfast at Bill's Brighton, photo by modernbrickabrack

But when it comes to Bill's I'll be going back to my old favourite next time.

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