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The Best Burger Recipe, as eaten by the Agnew family

When the challenge was set to find the best burger recipe I only had to think of my father's favourite meal and my mother's recipe and I was right there, transported back to the best barbecue day of each year, my father's birthday. 

Best burger recipe, photo by modern bric a brac

Every year as I was growing up my mum would make us the best burgers imaginable on 3 August. Combined with salads and sauces and Pimms (when we were old enough) it was my foodie family's idea of heaven.

Back to the present and I found myself at a Brighton barbecue for National Burger Day. Enticed by chef-prepared burgers and a secret location, I was in.

Best burger recipe, photo by modern bric a brac

Joining the best of the Brighton Blogger community we yellow-bused it to a Woodingdean AirBnB where a fab live band, called SO trio set the mood with some Jazz while cocktails were offered around. Nice.

Best burger recipe, photo by modern bric a brac

The burgers started sizzling and I soon got involved with a vintage cheese, bacon burger and coleslaw. Just delicious. While fellow Blogger / Vlogger AineBeauty got stuck-in to a mushroom, halloumi and aubergine combination.

Best burger recipe, photo by modern bric a brac

Keen to try as much as we could we then shared the barbecued seabass and some halloumi, which had a really great after-kick to it.

Best burger recipe, photo by modern bric a brac

Feeling full I almost (only half-heartedly) said no to the pud until Aine told me I had to try it. Eton Mess. What can I say? Of course I had to try it. So good!

But hey, didn't I mention I'd divulge the ingredients for the best burger recipe at the top of this blog post? Yeah, sure I did, so here it is.

The Keith and Judy Best Burger Recipe

Combine the following in this order to make eight or nine burgers:

1 kg or (2 lbs in Mum's speak) Butcher’s Selection Extra Lean Beef Mince

1 large white onion, finely chopped

150g fresh breadcrumbs

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tsp English mustard

2 tbsp Tomato Ketchup

Season with black pepper

1 large egg (free range)

1 handful chopped flat-leaf parsley or coriander

Best burger recipe photo by modern bric a brac

Can I just add when I first typed out this recipe it was just for four burgers but when I called Jude to verify the quantities before publishing Mum changed it up to make 8 burgers, with the words, "who makes only four burgers?". So there you have it a fully verified Agnew recipe for the best burger.

Check out Aine's video to see more of the National Burger Day ASDA #meatup

With thanks to Asda for hosting a lovely evening. Click here to find out more about Asda BBQ and burgers range.

If you try this recipe please let me know.


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  1. Your mum is right! Love the doubled-up recipe. Great to MEAT you at the BBQ and hope to catch up again another time.


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