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Days Away - Eat Surinamese in Amsterdam

One lesson I learned in Florence, when it comes to eating as a tourist, don't assume you'll just happen upon a great place to eat.

You might do, but chances are, like us, you'll end up paying standard prices for very unexceptional dining.

So with our trip to Amsterdam looming, I spent time researching food blogger recommendations to pick up a few ideas. In particular, we were on a quest to find the best place to eat Surinamese food. My Welsh One had previously lived in Holland and had fond memories of the Surinamese roti he had enjoyed years ago when he had visited Amsterdam.

Staying centrally at the very friendly Die Port van Cleve hotel we found that there was nowhere close by selling Surinamese food. Lots of steak and pizza restaurants.

Following a review from Amsterdam Foodie we headed out on a tram towards the Heineken Experience. Just to the right of this building there's a street called Ferdinand Bolstraat, which is absolutely packed with interesting looking restaurants. However we kept walking and at the corner of Gerard Doustraat we turned right and found what we had been looking for, Warung Spang Makandra.

Days Away - Eat Surinamese in Amsterdam, photo by modern bric a brac

It was 6:30 pm on a very ordinary Tuesday evening and the street was virtually deserted. The restaurants along Ferdinand Bolstraat had been empty or occupied with only a couple of customers. It was all very quiet. We opened the door to Warung Spang Makandra and found a small, cramped restaurant full of diners. The place was buzzing and a smiley face came towards us and asked if it would be ok to come back in ten minutes. Yes, of course, we said as walked backwards to the door. We're not going to miss out now, I thought.

Once seated, more people came into the restaurant. Everyone was greeted with friendliness and the menu listed the roti we had come to try. A dish of curried meat, potatos and beans, with a boiled egg and flat bread.

Always interested in trying new drinks, I ordered the dawet and an almost-fluorescent pink coconut drink arrived. Unbelievably pink and sweet it worked perfectly with the rich and hearty flavours of the roti. Our food tasted fresh and hot with the chicken tasting of a light curry flavour. It was really enjoyable comfort food and perfect for a winter's night.

Roti, Surinamese in Amsterdam, photo by modern bric a brac

We also tried two starters, the satay that came with the plantain was delicious as was a chicken spring roll. Possibly the best spring roll I've ever eaten, although my picture doesn't do it justice.

Spring roll, Surinamese in Amsterdam, photo by modern bric a brac

The roti cost 8 euros each. Warung Spang Makandra has been established since 1978 and according to their menu, is the only original Javanese Surinamese restaurant in Amsterdam.

We were made to feel incredibly welcome and it was a joy to find somewhere so evidently well-loved as this Surinamese restaurant seems to be.

Days Away - Eat Surinamese in Amsterdam, photo by modern bric a brac

Warung Spang Makandra, Gerard Doustraat 39, (De Pijp) 1072 Amsterdam

If you've had any great eating experiences in Amsterdam, please leave a comment and share your recommendation too.

Days Away - Eat Surinamese in Amsterdam

Happy Eating

Sarah xx

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