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Days Out in Brighton: Made Brighton 2015, Designers and Makers Fair

A few things I'd like to say straight up, first, I've included more photos this time because in the past I've felt that I haven't included enough pictures to do the Tutton and Young events I've attended justice.

Made Brighton 2015, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Jonathan Rogers hand blown glass



Days Out in Sussex - Lewes Bonfire

Rain, processions going hither and thither, whizzing fireworks, flaming torches, the smell of petrol, spectacular effigies, impressive costumes, marching bands and some very friendly locals.

David Cameron effigy, Lewes Bonfire 2015 photo by Modern Bric a Brac
David Cameron effigy, Lewes Bonfire 2015



Foodie Friday - Waitrose presents Christmas 2015

Did I mind going to a Christmas event in London on the hottest day of the summer?

Not when it was to find out about what Waitrose would be up to this Christmas and discovered an amazing looking gold-dusted chocolate Toblerone inspired dessert containing a caramel and nougat mousse.

So with excitement mounting I swished through my favourite park in London, St James'. Up the steps beside the IOD (Institute of Directors) and along past the Royal Society.

Inside the grand hall at 3 Carlton House Terrace I was offered a Christmas cocktail and invited to step into a Christmas food bonanza.

This year Waitrose have created a signature blend of spices that smells divine and perfectly reflects the aromas we associate with Christmas. The mix contains nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamon, black pepper and tangerine and features in 30 of their products across their food, drinks and homewares ranges. It's absolutely lush as a shower gel and definitely worth trying, for it's lovely warming, sweet smell.

Waitrose Signature Spice, Waitrose Christmas 2015, photo by ModernBricaBrac

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