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How to match funding growth potential at Small Business event - 28 March 2015

Just outside Brighton in the picturesque Hurstpierpoint in three weeks time is an event that could very well be the answer that small businesses have been looking for.  A way to double their funding. 

Guest speaker, Kerry Kyriacou, will be talking about the Business Navigator Growth Hub, a government-funded service which helps businesses find the support and services they need in order to grow by matching funding growth potential. 

Sussex Pages event

Organised by Sussex Pages the event is part of a new monthly networking programme that provides activities to make it easier for small business owners to get to know one another.

There will be 35 Exhibitors, 1 Speaker and 150 Guests. Entry costs £1 for guests and there is a chance to win a hamper of good food, wine and cheeses, a treasure chest and other special gifts. 

Free Tea, Coffee, Fruit Juices and Cake will be provided and the first 50 guests through the door at 9.30 am will be given a complimentary gift.

The event begins with business owners taking part in a treasure hunt where groups will have to work together to decipher clues in order to find the treasure. Added to this will be local newspapers and reporters to cover the event. 

Run by Sussex Pages, a business that was set up to offer the kind of services small businesses need. With 35 contributor writers and a sizeable business directory, they run a series of regular networking events and a range of advertising services and resources to support local growth. 

Sussex Pages event

Their focus is to provide a dynamic and comprehensive service that is also affordable for small businesses. Their approach is obviously working as they are opening new offices in Haywards Heath in May.

Founder of the business, Sonny Cutting says “business networking plays a big part in growing any business, but these things can be a little dry and we want to jazz them up a bit. We want to ensure that those attending will not only make some useful connections and contacts but will find the event memorable as well.” 

The event will also be a chance for local businesses to showcase their products and services. "We want to help other businesses in the region to connect and grow. But we also recognise that not everyone fits the traditional business model, especially where networking is concerned. This event is designed to give all sorts of different businesses the chance to mingle and enjoy the oxygen that business networking can provide.” 

The Prestige Event takes place on March 28, 2015 at Hurstpierpoint College, Hurstpierpoint. 

In September they will be running a skydiving event for charity. Each jump fee costs £195 per person and each participant must raise £100. There will be 10 jumpers with a total target of £1,000 to raise. More information click on Kangaroos 

Click on Sussex Pages to find out more Tel: 01273 833222 
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Kerry Kyriacou is available at c2cbusiness

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