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Deliveroo to you too - Brighton takeaway

It all happened pretty quickly once the decision had been made. My Welsh Cariad loves a take away and I love ethical dining. We decided to try combining the two and keep us both happy.

H.en photo by modern bric a brac

Using the new delivery service currently hitting Brighton, Deliveroo we could choose from a selection of Brighton's most hip eateries and get it delivered in a flash.

Deliveroo online

On offer are the likes of Pho for Vietnamese, Warung Tujuh for Indonesian, Pizza Face for a wholegrain spelt base and H.en for ethically reared chickens, to name a few.

Food ordered on my mobile, we went for chicken quarters in lemon and herb and date sweetened spicy sauce with a hint of ginger.  Both came with salad and sweet potato fries and to drink we chose home-made lemonade.

Deliveroo order

Once ordered you can follow it on Deliveroo and watch as it progresses through different stages until it arrives on your doorstep.

Deliveroo online

This was the quick bit. The door bell rang and a man was standing outside with our delivery.

Deliveroo delivery

I'd only had the chicken from H.en once before so it was a good test to see if it would be just as good the second time round. The other test was my Welsh Cariad. He's a tough crowd when it comes to praise. So his tacit nodding and "nice" was a good indication that the chicken really was still as good as I remembered. Tender and juicy and filling.

The lemonade came pink, the salad was rocket, goats cheese, beetroot and walnut and the sweet potato fries were a fresh alternative to the ubiquitous potato chip.

Deliveroo order

All in all the ethical take away gig was a success. Not least because of the speedy service.

Deliveroo are currently running a deal with Big Eats Co. Choose from three different burgers, fries, BBQ sauce and a Coke for just £10.

I found out about this deal today on an email they sent to me after I put in an order last night. They also run comps you can enter to win free food. This is all good news.

So good in fact I've just tweeted my #ROOd food pic.

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Thanks to Deliveroo for shouting the munch, my views are definitely my own.
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