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There's only one place to get your almond croissants

~  I’m a bit behind the times with this particular newsflash relating to Kemptown village, three weeks late to be exact, but it is still such exciting news and deserves a post anyway.

The Real Patisserie has set up shop just behind my seaside square. Thank the Lord for incomparable almond croissants in shuffling distance from home. Even before this great piece of good fortune the Real Patisserie was high on my list of shops to cover by my blog on a must-not-miss bespoke eating tour of B and H.

Real Patisserie, Kemptown
It meets all the criteria, Brighton based, great product and thriving business. All their edible creations are made on the premises in Brighton, the Real Pâtisserie is an independent bakery specialising in traditional French breads and cakes. Their expertise lies in producing an extensive range of artisan breads, with every loaf hand moulded and chosen from a selection of traditionally popular loaves in France, Spain and Italy. Quality is so fundamental to their standards of perfection that the flours they use for the dough is sourced carefully from selected mills in order to create a range of rye sourdough, wheat sourdough, spelt, wholemeal, multicereal breads and their most popular, the chewy brown.

However, that is nothing compared to their, in my opinion, greatest culinary achievement, the almond croissant, which I cannot speak highly enough. In moments of desperation, when the Real Patisserie has been shut or out of reach I have tried many, many other establishments’ attempts, all of which, without fail have not even been on the same page. Such is my commitment to the cause it has resulted in me meeting the guy responsible for preparing them, who, as it goes was delighted to learn that the care he takes over his half crescent creations does not go un-appreciated. At this point I should also explain that, although I don’t know how many calories it has in it, I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t think it’s pretty. But there we are, that’s the price you’ve got to pay in the name of food critiquing.

The Real Patisserie
St Georges Road
Tel: 01273 609655

Also available at:

43 Trafalgar Street
tel: 01273 457019
7am - 5.30pm Monday - Saturday.
Closed Public Holidays

25 Western Road
tel: 01273 457018
8.00am - 6.00pm
Monday - Sunday
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