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A Roman Holiday - where to stay in the beautiful city

Three budgets three suggestions for taking in the sights in central Roma.

Although I never tire of my beloved square mile that is Kemptown, Brighton, sometimes familial ties take me abroad for explorations of other people's Kemptowns.

Roman holiday

This time, it was Rome.

So, quartered in Centro Storico with Piazza del Popolo at one end of the street and the river Tiber at the other end, the mum, sis and I were well placed in the vintage boutique Hotel, Hotel Locarno.  The breakfast here suited me perfectly with a buffet that included cake, as much as you like, sparkling wine in an ice bucket, an apple for later and coffee brought to the table.

Roman holiday
View from Hotel Locarno

Our more affluent American family stayed close at The Inn at the Spanish Steps, where their breakfast was enjoyed on an idyllic terracotta tiled balcony surrounded by orange and lemon trees.

For those who can afford the best that the Roman capital can afford the best option of all is Hotel De Russie.  Keen for research purposes to experience a little of what the uber-fashionable and exclusive may expect, we went for aperitifs in the courtyard.  The service was attentive, polite and polished, the surroundings were exquisite with a terrace reaching upwards towards the Borghese gardens.

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