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The Best Fish and Chips in Brighton, possibly the World

~  Arguably, Brighton is the premiere seaside resort in the whole of the UK and as Fish and Chips goes with a day trip to the seaside as salt goes with vinegar, then it's an easy step to make from there to saying the best Fish and Chips in Brighton must be the best Fish and Chips in the World, probably.
Bardsley's Fish and Chips

This weekend I was lucky enough to catch up with a dear friend and her son who is of an age where his personal tick list consisted of:
1) Scary rides on the pier - easy, give us another.
2) Build a sandcastle - slightly more challenging at Brighton but not impossible, next.
3) Fish and Chips - sorted, let's get on it, the number 5 to Patcham that is.

However, at the time of reaching Fish and Chips hunger point we were still on the pier and just opposite Harry Ramsden's, an obvious choice if you are not from Brighton and don't know where to go.

I blurt out, I know where you can get the best Fish and Chips in Brighton, it's so good.
My dear friend says, let's go there.  I immediately start to back track, thinking it's a bit of a trek, maybe it's not as good as I remember.  Maybe I've over-stated, a bit.  Maybe we should go to Harry Ramsden's.
No, says my DF, let's go, I'm sure it'll be worth it.

I start to bite my lip as we rock up on the number 5 to Patcham, alighting after the London Road Post Office (a landmark which deserves a post all its own). 
What was I thinking, I think, turning up without booking at the best Fish and Chips in Brighton, of a Saturday.  At teatime.

Luckily the good people of Bardsley's welcomed us like we were seasoned regulars and offered us a reserved table booked for slightly later, where we settled ourselves surrounded by Max Miller Society memorabilia.

Having already been made to feel special, the service continued throughout as attentive, friendly and sincere.  The fish itself was plump, white and fresh, the chips chunky and crisp, the servings generous. 

Bardsley's, established in 1926 has been serving in-house dining and takeaway dinners from this site for the last forty years and is still run by the same family, in itself a great achievement.  But to achieve this without losing its friendly charm or quality of supper shows real commitment and they deserve all the recognition that has been heaped upon them.

The bill arrived with sweets for the Little Kipper, which wasn't necessary as our diminutive food critic had already decided on a ten out of ten.  As we passed the buckets of Veuve Cliquot on the side bar I considered ten out of ten a reasonable score for any diner that offers quality Fish and Chips with everyone's favourite pick-me-up, champagne.

Outside Bardsley's, Brighton

Bardsley's of Baker St, BN1 4JN. 
Tel: 01273 681256
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