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A mere Trifle

A Lush Raspberry and Peach Trifle

I was hanging out with the sis last weekend, chewing the fat and generally making myself useful while she prepared her signature dessert, a lush raspberry trifle.  It is really easy to assemble apart from the custard, which is real custard as opposed to packet, using Nigel Slater's recipe.  However even that doesn't take long and tastes so good it is worth the effort.

So follow the pictures and simple instructions, prepare in advance and wow your friends with a dessert worth leaving room for.

Egg yolks and caster sugar
 Beat together 125 grams of caster sugar with six egg yolks.  Separate the yolks from the white using the shell to cup the yolk and pour the white into a separate container.  If any fragment shell falls into the bowl the best way of picking it out is using the shell to scoop it out, guaranteed the quickest method.

It'll only take a couple of minutes before the golden yolks (free range of course) will have turned into a creamy consistency.


In the meantime warm 600 ml of milk with a split vanilla pod to boiling point and start to assemble the trifle layers.

Buy a madeira loaf, slice to fit into the bottom of your trifle bowl, you can buy lovely second-hand cut glass ones from charity shops like the one opposite Carluccio's in Brighton.  Failing that, my sis went for individual portions in large tumblers.  Add a layer of raspberry jam, also made by the mum sis collective and repeat.  Add a layer of peaches, from a tin will do, then raspberries, fresh or frozen from Lidls will work and a splash of Madeira wine.

Back to the custard, add the creamy mixture to the hot milk and stir over a low heat.  Warning, do not take your eyes off the custard for a moment, otherwise you'll be bent over a sink full of cold water reviving curdled custard.

When custard curdles

Custard restored, leave to cool before adding to the trifle and finish with whipped double cream, squirted out of a can will not do.  As I left before the cream was added and my sister didn't take a pic of the finished product I leave you with a photo of the unfinished article.

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