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New but old but new yeah

36 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2FN
01273 770355

Spare ribs and octopus
Maybe I was hungry, maybe it was just very very good, whatever the reason, the spare ribs had us sucking on them to get off the last remnants of meat from the bone and dipping everything else in the sauce.  That said the dish of octopus, a personal recommendation made by the manager Michael was so tender that it came a close second.

Although Latino's has been providing spanish cuisine to the residents of Hove and beyond for the last nineteen years its spectacular new make-over has transformed it into the brand new kid on the block.
Michael, the son of Enrico and Mariela has taken over the running of the family business and brings with him a desire to embrace change, including the replacement of the Chef from his father to a Spanish Chef, fresh from the mainland, called David.

Pintxos (pronounced pinchos) which literally means spike are a trademark of the Basque Country where Mariela comes from and are snacks similar to tapas and eaten in almost all the bars of that region. Generally referring to slices of white bread with assorted toppings and displayed on plates on the bar top for patrons to choose for themselves, Latino's revamp has incorporated this traditonal bar concept within an ultra-modern and chic interior.  

As the night developed the place soon filled with groups of people and the atmosphere was buzzing.  With new management, young staff and an eagerness to create a welcoming environment, the team have a winning formula for this well established fixture in central Hove.  In fact the welcome was so warm I ended up hugging the waitress who had served us on our departure.  Maybe it was the hosptiality, maybe it was the bottle of Tempranillo.

Latino's re-launch

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