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Essential Oils and You, Botanical Balms

In December I found out about essential oils, how they benefit health, why provenance matters and why going to a workshop to make your own balm is 100% worth doing.

Essential Oils and You, Botanical Balms photos by modernbricabrac

The essential oils workshop I attended was run by Essential Oils Consultant Laura Hoy in the must-visit YouJuice cafe in Brighton. I've met Laura a few times thanks to a self-employed group I regularly attend called the Healthy Business Hub. Listening to Laura talk about essential oils is always hugely informative and endlessly fascinating. Her level of knowledge is impressive and she is very generous with sharing all that she knows.

I knew that essential oils have health benefits and I love the scents that natural oils produce but more than that I had yet to learn. Read on to find out which essential oils to use to support your health.

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