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Ghost buildings of Valencia

It's Halloween, it's dark outside and it's time to get spooky. I love the romance of a wreck and in the centre of Valencia I found quite a few abandoned buildings that looked like they might have a few ghosts in them.

Covered in a green mesh, presumably to keep passers-by safe from falling rubble, they looked as close as you could get to a ghost building.

Through the mesh signs of decay were evident, crumbling plaster, missing windows, graffiti and plants sprouting out of the roof. One of the buildings had formerly been shoe seller in red on the wall was the word 'ZAPATOS' and underneath was the picture of a dainty looking healed shoe.

What made the buildings even more interesting was that the buildings around them, in complete contrast were occupied and full of life.

The area in particular worth exploring to see some derelict, ancient buildings in Valencia is the El Carmen district.

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