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Days Out in Hove - New Writers Festival 24 March to 2 April 2017

Next weekend a festival celebrating new writers, described as a sort of fringe of the Fringe, arrives in Hove for its second year. 

Days Out in Hove - New Writers Festival 24 March to 2 April 2017
The Trials of Colonel Barker

It's an opportunity to enjoy a little theatre, spoken word, cabaret and comedy from a selection of 37 shows spread across four venues in Hove.

Days Out in Hove - New Writers Festival 24 March to 2 April 2017
Hove Grown Festival 24 March - 2 April 2017

"Expect charmingly ramshackle", Joe, Promoter of Hove Grown and performing Poet tells me. "It's put together by new performers and writers" he explains.

Joe's show is called Drunk With A Pen: 13.5 poems about drink and drinking. The poems cover issues from Joseph’s relationship with his alcoholic father, to a night out on West Street, to drinking as an escape from the mundanity and difficulty of life, touching a wide variety of themes and tones.

Days Out in Hove - New Writers Festival 24 March to 2 April 2017

The work is highly informed by song - particularly Outlaw Country Americana - and as such the poems tend to be short and simple. They are stories which occasionally rhyme, designed to be easily understood, and proven to connect with audiences. Proceeds from the show will be donated to the Clock Tower Sanctuary.

8pm 24th March 2017, 6pm 30th March 2017 at Artista, 42 Waterloo Street, Hove £5 advance (book from hovegrown), or £7 on the door

Another show Joe mentioned was one by Rachel Shorer 10 Mistakes Every Girl Makes In Her Twenties, which he thinks worth highlighting because he's seen Rachel perform one of her poems and thought she was superb.

Some other performances to check out include the first-ever rehearsed reading of The Trials of Colonel Barker. A brand new play by Rose Collis, adapted from her critically acclaimed book “Colonel Barker’s Monstrous Regiment” about the fortunes and misfortunes of Valerie Arkell-Smith, aka Col Sir Victor Barker DSO.

8:00 pm 26th March 2017 at The Purple Playhouse tickets from £ 6.00

Days Out in Hove - New Writers Festival 24 March to 2 April 2017
Good Grief on West 88th Street

In Good Grief on West 88th Street. A variety of characters live or are somehow connected to a building in NYC. Bruna, an older Italian woman is, as she says, “soup of the build” and she’s as outrageous as she is wise. She is the glue that connects the other personas whose stories range from comic to tragicomic to devastating. Content warning - strong language

5:00 pm 25 and 26 March 2017 at The Purple Playhouse tickets from £ 6.00

Now in its second year, Hove Grown is a festival for new writers conceived by Guy Wah, who wanted to put on a showcase for undiscovered talent in Brighton and Hove. Through collaboration between ZLS theatre, a social enterprise theatre company in Brighton, and Sweet Venues, the festival was born.

This year, there are a total of 59 performances from 24th March until the 2nd April. There are rumours of a launch party on 23rd of March, probably at the Sweet Dukebox (the Iron Duke hotel, Waterloo Street), to which Joe (Promoter and Poet) believes everyone is invited. There is talk of a few preview acts, too, but that's not official.

The four venues taking part are The Sweet Dukebox, Artista, The Purple Playhouse and The Claremont. All are relatively close to each other in central Hove.

All tickets for (Brighton &) Hove Grown shows are under £10, with some shows just £5.

Best wishes to all performers and writers

Sarah xx

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