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Foodie Friday - What Bloggers Should Eat and more stories

Bloggers are the new Creatives. Whether acting as Editor, Designer, Copywriter, Photographer or Social Media Manager on their blog, it's a creative process. Thanks to the people at Pod and Nutritionist Helen Money I found out what foods we should be eating to support this creative process.

Guide to What Bloggers Should Eat, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Vitamin hit blitz

Whether you're a Blogger or other creative type read on to find out what foods you should be eating.



Brighton Shop Heroes - Foxed Up Vintage

Without realising it I was half-stood in the open doorway of a shop while trying to find the right angle for a photograph I was trying to take.

Foxed Up Vintage Brighton, photo by Modern Bric a Brac



Foodie Friday - Dine with a View in London

Basically, I wanted to leave with my dignity intact, so I was faced with a difficult dilemma and that was whether to drink the blow-your-socks-off Bloody Mary that had just arrived.

Lunch at Barbecoa, St Paul's, photo by modern bric a brac



Days Out in London - French Eighteenth Century, Before and After

For a limited time only two exhibitions in central London offer us a chance to contrast a period in French history that saw two very different outcomes for its very privileged class.

Wallace Collection, London photo by modern bric a brac



Foodie Friday - Curry Leaf Cafe in Brighton

Recommended by more than one Brighton-based food writer, Curry Leaf Cafe has been on my must-go-to list for a while.

Curry Leaf Cafe, Brighton food review photo by modern bric a brac

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