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Foodie Friday - Top food trends from Toronto, Canada

Was there ever a time when us Brits didn't consume gallons of coffee and scoff batch loads of bagels? Really? Although it may seem as if the proliferation of coffee shops and mass availability of bagels must have been around since the time of the last ice age, it hasn't.

In fact, only twenty years ago in Vancouver, the Canadians were loving their coffee and bagels in a way we just weren't. Then Starbucks came over to the UK in 1998 and the Bagelman started to deliver bagels in Brighton in 1996.

From my first introduction in Canada to my ongoing love-affair with both, it was Canada that led the way for me.

So, when I found another great reason to fly across the pond, to see my dear friend and new mum, the lovely Caroline, a food tour of Toronto was an absolute must.

Beginning with the 200-year old market of St Lawrence, we found a whole host of curious and unusual food items to admire. There were yellow cauliflowers at Phil's Place, baby peppers and red beans at Family Foods, rye breads at Future Bakery and rare honey as well.

St Lawrence Market, Toronto, Canada photo by Modern Bric a Brac



Days Out in Sussex - Petworth House with rare and ancient treasures

With a collection of treasures that include 20 Turners, 20 Van Dycks, a 16th-century globe, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and a 2,500-year-old marble head of Aphrodite to name a few of their show stoppers, Petworth House has a staggering number of rare and ancient treasures to admire.

Head of Aphrodite, Petworth House, photo by Modern Bric a Brac
Head of Aphrodite

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