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Philosophy Hour - Brighton Fringe review 2014 by Amelia Charman

Philosophy Hour, Company: Philosophy Hour
Venue: Brighton Spiegeltent, Category: Literature
15, 22, 29 May 18:00 £6 [1hr]

I spent an hour in the delightful company of a variety of mischief-makers and tricksters. The 'lecture' was hosted by 'Dr' Bramwell, creator of 'The Cheeky Guide to Brighton' series, who took the audience on a journey of discovery as to the reasons why some people are born to be wind-up merchants.

Tricksters usually exist on the fringes of society, waiting for the right opportunity to unleash havoc. Comedians like controversialist Lenny Bruce, potty-mouthed Sarah Silverman and Russell Brand are today's most famous tricksters, pointing out the truth whilst laughing at the fool.

The audience travelled through time, learning about some of the first tricksters, to today's most well known, loved and hated figures, such as Noel ' bit of an arsehole' Edmonds and Bart Simpson.

The show was a brilliant end to a day stuck in a stuffy office, reminding those of us that sometimes feel lost and slightly trapped on the treadmill that there is a mischief-maker in all of us and that life shouldn't be taken so seriously.

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