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The BIG Connected TV Brighton Conference 2013 - review by BroHo

Billed as a Practical Guide to Making Money and Reaching New Audiences within Connected TV, the Big Connected TV conference took place this Wednesday 4 September at Komedia, in the heart of the Brighton North Laine area.
Andy Keetch, Brandwatch at Connected TV

Its aim was to discuss how traditional TV formats are merging with other multi-media platforms, including the internet, mobiles and games and there were a range of speakers from within the industry providing case studies and discussions on some of the most innovative projects recently shaking things up, in a Connected TV kinda way.

Bob Maddams, Creative Director at BroHo, a Brighton and Hove based video production company and creative consultancy went along to find what they had to say.
Matt Locke and panel at Connected TV

Rob Barnes, The Project Factory at Connected TV
TV is dead. Long live TV.

The Big Connected TV Brighton Conference at the Komedia had a serious subject - how to make money out of the digitally connected TV landscape. A heavyweight line up of speakers included Holly Goodier, Director of Marketing and Audiences at the BBC; Richard Waterworth, EMEA YouTube, and our very own Angi Mariani from Latest TV here in Brighton, amongst others.

They all had interesting stories to tell about how they saw the future, and the overall theme I took out from the event was that this future is anything but certain. What is for sure though is that multiple viewing platforms, mobile phones and iPads and the like, is completely changing the way people watch “TV”. The big game changers seem to be the convergence of technologies, especially broadcast and social media, and the growing role of the data geek informing content creators and advertisers how their “Inventory” is being consumed. I had visions of them being able to tell me that when a teenager slumps on a sofa with one eye on the telly and the other on his mobile, some data cruncher somewhere actually knows which finger he’s picking his nose with. 

There were lively Q&A sessions after each speaker and the busiest question-fielder was Angi Mariani from Latest TV who set out the case for Brighton’s new TV station with passion stressing that it represented a very real business opportunity for local content creators. The day was hosted brilliantly by Matt Lock from Storythings who certainly helped me make a lot more sense of each topic with his knowledgeable summing up and question prompting. So, did the day inspire me to come up with some ideas about how to make money from the new TV landscape? Put it this way, I've already sketched out a couple of pitches to take to Dragon’s Den. But wait a minute, haven’t I got Angi Mariani’s phone number somewhere.
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