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Is Feminism a dirty word? 14 September 2013, Brighton Dome Corn Exchange

Brighton Digital Festival 2013 explores whether social media is a friend or foe at Feminism 3.0

Bridget Christie

14 September 2013, Brighton Dome Corn Exchange

Does social media make it easier to be misogynistic? Are Facebook and Twitter good platforms for serious debate? Brighton Digital Festival and Brighton Dome tackle the pros and cons of social media for contemporary feminism this September, when activist, writers and commentators come together for interactive panel debate Feminism 3.0.

This follows a spate of high profile trolling and cyber-bullying incidents dominating the headlines in recent weeks, with several high profile online abuse cases directed at female commentators. Some of the often-quoted commentators will join the discussion.

The highly charged, topical debate will be discussed by the audience and panel members including Guardian columnist and Twitter abuse recipient, Suzanne Moore and the ‘No More Page 3’ campaigner, Lucy-Anne Holmes, currently running at 117,583 supporters. They will be joined by 15-year-old blogger Lilinaz Evans (Lilipop) and comedian Bridget Christie - recipient of this year’s Foster’s Comedy Award at Edinburgh Fringe - whose comedy series for Radio 4, Bridget Christie Minds the Gap, has grappled with modern feminist questions.

No More Page 3
Helen Lewis, Deputy Editor of The New Statesman and chairman of Feminism 3.0 said: “The debate on feminism is as important in 2013 as it was in 1913, when the suffragette Emily Davison was killed by the King’s Horse. Yes, we now have the vote, but women are still paid less for the same jobs, still bear the most of the burden of the caring responsibilities, still do most of the unpaid work needed to run a family, and are still injured, raped and killed at an astonishing rate.  Feminism has won some huge battles in its short history, but there is still a huge amount of work to do,” added Lewis.

If you’d like to attend the debate and explore the relationship between people and technology, visit

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