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A recommendation from Arundel - Spencer Swaffer Antiques

  ~ Whether a tad colder this Easter or not, it was still a good time to go on an adventure and head out for a spring infused perambulation.  Such musings led me to venture 40 minutes west of Brighton by car to the picturesque town of Arundel on Easter Monday.  This in turn led me to check out a recommendation made by Alex Macarthur, the Brighton based antiques dealer with an eye for the grand and striking who I blogged about on BestBitsAboutBrighton.  Alex had recommended another highly regarded antiques dealer Spencer Swaffer, so while in Arundel I was curious to visit his three storey premises and see for myself.

Spencer Swaffer Antiques, courtyard
Luckily Spencer was on site and happy to show us around the shop where he has been based for an impressive forty years.
 Inside were model yachts, vast tables and sideboards as well as an antique chateau birdcage and a selection of 18th century deeds and legal documents from the Cognac region of France.  Unable to purchase any of these glorious articles I did the only thing left for a Blogger to do and that was to take a few photos to share on ModernBrickaBrack and thank him for his time.

Model yachts at Spencer Swaffer Antiques

Pineapple light hanging, Spencer Swaffer Antiques

18th century French deeds, Spencer Swaffer Antiques
HMS Shannon at the Battle of Boston, Spencer Swaffer Antiques

Antique Chateau Birdcage, Spencer Swaffer Antiques

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