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Hendrick's Idlerism, Dream Lab and Feasting at their Carnival of Knowledge 2013

  ~ It may only be the beginning of March, but when it comes to the Brighton Fringe in May it is definitely worth booking some events as soon as possible.  Pitching up this year at Angel House, 1 Brunswick Terrace in Hove, Hendrick’s have devised a Carnival of Knowledge, with a selection of beguiling events that will take place over the course of four days.

Last year, Hendrick’s created a pop-up library in Jubilee Square with so many curiosities and peculiar oddities to peruse while supping a delightful cocktail (and they really were, delightful) that a precedent has been set and much is anticipated as a consequence.

Running from 24th to 27th May 2013, there will be free admission throughout to the Hendrick’s Parlour Bar from 12 – 11pm, as well as a series of ticketed events, where they promise to provide a blend of unusual characters, eye-opening wisdom and exquisite cocktails for the curiously-minded.

Hendrick's gin cocktails
This year Hendrick’s will be joined by The Idler Academy, QI's Director of Information John Mitchinson, Mark Vernon, Murray Lachlan-Young, LAS theatre group and guest chefs, who are yet to be announced.

Their programme of events includes an exclusive evening of curious dishes, cocktails and entertainment; a symposium on the lesser-known philosophy of idlerism and a dream lab investigating stimuli for dreams.

As ever Hendrick’s compendium of offerings sounds beguiling and ingenious if a little hyperbolic, however last year they did deliver a fabulously designed setting, some highly enjoyable cocktails and a great selection of events.  So, check out these events, book online and then all you need do is look forward to a few cucumber and rose infused gin libations while your head sizzles with curiosity, or something like that anyway.

Hednrick's gin
A Feast of Learning: Cooked and presented by world-renowned, yet for now anonymous, secret guest chefs, prepare to have your mind and body nourished in a unique voyage of culinary discovery.
Deep within the opulent surroundings of Angel House, the Feast of Learning will feature a cornucopia of curious courses, delicious cocktails and diverting entertainments.

Saturday 25th, 8-11pm (Tickets £65 – limited to 32 for the evening)

Idlers of the Enlightenment: A Symposium with Idler Editor Tom Hodgkinson [QI’s Director of Information], John Mitchinson, and writer Mark Vernon. Learn about the lesser-known works and hitherto concealed philosophy of ‘idlerism’ as espoused by philosophers and writers such as Rousseau and Dr Johnson – diminishing any preconceptions of the 18th century as one of hard work.

Saturday 25th May, 4:15 – 5:30pm (Tickets £12 including one delightful cocktail – limited to 35 for the session)

The Hour: Hosted by David Piper and Duncan McRae. “When evening quickens in the street, comes a pause in the day's occupation that is known as the cocktail hour.” So said Bernard de Voto. The Cocktail Hour is the most delightful ritual, and one worth considered cogitation. Let us make our journey through the mystical hour together. Cocktails and canapés included, of course.

24th – 27th May, from 6-7pm (Tickets £15 – limited to 35 per session)

The Dream Lab: Throughout the day the Enlightenment Café’s ‘Dream Laboratory’ will be open for business. Run by a fearless team of researchers, the Dream Lab investigates the stimuli that make our dreams truly remarkable. Come take a nap on our curious and unusual dream machines.

Sunday 26th, 1-5pm (free admission)

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