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Brighton Fringe 2012

The expression ‘Only in Brighton’ for me sums up Brighton’s vibe, one of chaotic creativity, as described by Julian of Brighton Fringe, one of pushing boundaries and as it goes, this May also one full of puppets.

Having attended the launch of this year’s Fringe Festival this week I was well entertained by some of the artists that will appear during the Fringe, including the very funny singing Mr B on the banjulele, that’s a fusion of banjo and ukulele btw, as well as acquiring a white label copy of the brochure.

This annual fest, the Fringe, is an opportunity for artists to showcase new work, most of it originating in Brighton, and mostly unfunded.

However, with so much on offer, May 2012 will see around 700 events take place in over 100 locations in Brighton, attracting visitors in the region of 1 million people, making the number of options available quite bewildering.

To help in this matter the new Fringe website has various search categories to help narrow the options down a little.

To assist you even further I have extracted a few events from their website that are worth flagging up early on as they invite participants to submit material.

Tickets go on sale to everybody from 1st March 2012 and programmes will be readily available to pick up all over Brighton from mid-March.

Flash Fiction Slam: Ultimate Story Challenge!

Venue: Hendrick's Library of Delightfully Peculiar Writings

Category: Literature             Sub-category: Storytelling, Interactive

Date: 19 May 6:00PM         Duration: 60mins

Entrance fee: £5.00

The ultimate short story competition! Award-winning writers Niven Govinden and Vanessa Gebbie read their Flash Fictions aloud and judge yours! Strict rules apply. Your story must be 3 minutes or less. Your story must be entitled 'The Door' Prize: £100. Entry: £5 or free if you bring a story. Complimentary decadent libation included. Names drawn randomly on night.

Once Upon A Time In Brighton

Venue: New Venture Theatre

Category: Literature            Sub-category: Spoken word, Storytelling

Date: 25 May 7:45PM        Duration: 135mins

Entrance fee: £6.00

A night of quality live short fiction written by you, read by us. Winning stories from New Venture Theatre's open competition will be read by a team of NVT actors. Please send your short stories of 1500 words max, on the theme of ‘Brighton - Past, Present and Future’ to Deadline for entries is midnight on 25th April.

Verse & Versus: Poetry Slam!

Venue: Hendrick's Library of Delightfully Peculiar Writings

Category: Literature        Sub-category: Poetry, Spoken word

Date: 21 May 7:00PM    Duration: 120mins

Entrance fee: £5.00

This is performance poetry with an edge. The future of poetry is you! Share your lovingly-crafted verse in whatever form it takes. Aim for the heart and soul of your audience. May your aim be true! Maximum Length of Reading: 3 minutes. Prize: £100. Entry £5 including a decadent libation or FREE if you bring a poem.

As I tend to get carried away with all the interesting events to go to, below are the names and pictures of other Literary events that also look worth finding out about. Go to the Fringe website for details.

A Dirty Martini with Evelyn Waugh

A Literary Feast

A Séance with the Ogden Sisters

An Evening of Southern African Memory


Dare You Brave The Writers’ Den?

Dr Frankenstein's Travelling Freak Show

Fashion Tips for the Last Days

Stuffing Peter Rabbit

The Battle of the Trees

The Charles Dickens Literary Cabaret!

The Last Tuesday Society: Crowley Cinematography

The Last Tuesday Society: Reveller's Digest

The Last Tuesday Society: The Magician

The Story Surgery with Susannah Waters

The Unquiet Dead

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