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Accidental heart shapes

Not alot of people know this but over the last year I've had a little random hobby, I've been taking photographs of heart shapes whenever I see them.

It all started the Christmas before last when I noticed a heart shape in the sand on Runkerry beach, Northern Ireland.  I didn't want to disturb it as it looked so perfect surrounded on all sides for miles with smooth sea-clean sand so I took a picture of it instead.  From there I started seeing them in stones, on the pavement and more recently in the milk of my nephew's milk bottle and imprinted on the back of my niece.

So today on the day of love, St Valentine's, I thought it only fitting to bring you this collection, as a reminder that we are all loved and all love somebody.

Heart shape on Runkerry beach, Northern Ireland

Heart shape on Brighton beach

Heart shape on Brighton pavement

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