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Notes from France - In the Footsteps of Helen Maria Williams

Where I follow in the footsteps of Helen Maria Williams the poet and first female war correspondent who lived at the time of the French Revolution. In Normandy, I discover the chateau that she visited and where she dressed up as Madam Liberty in a celebration to mark the happy reunion of her friends separated by the ancien regime. 

The true story of this French couple that Helen Maria Williams knew reads more like a work of fiction than fact with a cruel father who locks up his son, after his secret marriage to a woman of low birth.

Notes from France - In the Footsteps of Helen Maria Williams, photo by modernbricabrac
Eighteenth century chapel at Chateau de Bosmelet



Foodie Friday - Veeno Cafe, Brighton

For the Italian Owners, Nino and Andrea, Veeno Cafe, recently opened in Brighton is best described as a wine cafe. They're keen to take the pretentious out of wine enjoyment and introduce us to the art of Italian wine tasting with delicious (and I mean Delicious!) food pairings in a relaxed setting.

Foodie Friday - Veeno Cafe, Brighton, photo by modernbricabrac

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