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Women's Event - Brighton Wildfire Women

Are you looking for a women's event to inspire you to make changes to your life or work? Then, this September an event in Brighton is just for you.

Meet the Wildfire Women, Co Founders Cat Rose and Thea Anderson, business owners and life coaches who know that running a business or changing your life in any way can be a lonely and daunting process. With this in mind, Wildfire Women was created and their first event is planned to offer practical tools to make changes in how we live and work.

At the beginning of September, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th, The Synergy Centre in Brighton will host a weekend of creativity, inspiration, collaboration, confidence building, and career clarity from the Wildfire Women.

Buy your ticket here Wildfire Women Event Brighton

Aimed at women who want to connect with a supportive, like-minded group to spark changes in their lives and careers, the weekend will include inspirational talks, live performances and workshops. There will be over 20 women (and a cheeky Wildfire Man) from different spheres such as TV and film, to world class musicians, brilliant business owners, life coaches and indie publishers.

Speakers at Wildfire Women will be sharing the truths of their highs and lows, plus what really worked for them to help us demystify our own way forward.

Men and women are welcome to attend and discover the truth about running a business, how to job share, mental health, relationships, speaking on stage, bringing out our talents while having a chance to meet other people.

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It's a movement, a community of bold souls who know there’s more to life and it's for those who want to pursue a path that will lead to their true calling.

10% of profits will be donated to the Brighton Charity RISE, a charity supporting people affected by domestic abuse in Brighton and Hove and East Sussex.

Here's a list of the talks and workshops:

Talks + Performances

Théa Anderson - Embrace Your Calling

Nicola Comber - Stepping Up To The Plate

Ebonie Allard - The power of the reframe and embracing our shadows

Alice Reeves - Learning to Trust, Ask, and Take

Pippa Moyle - From a Spice Girl Wannabe to a Gang Leader

Sarah Wade - Find Your Dream Job

Sara Allen - Why I left a sensible job to set up a job share project (and how job-sharing can help YOU achieve your goals)

Hannah Winter - Just my proto-type

Joss Mukoyogo - Title

Rachel Bird - Feeling empowered whilst speaking with authenticity and confidence


Amy Phipps - Tap Into The Power of Nature (herb and flower smudge stick making)

Stacia Keogh - Presenting Your Biz Story

Lucie McAdams - Body acceptance

Debbie Bridge - Getting in touch with your true self


Rachel Cook - Transcending the Patriarchy: Grounding the Healthiest Balance of Masculine/Feminine Energy in Ourselves and Our Businesses for a Better World

Zara Polden - Standing up for Femininity

Ali Williams - By Day and By Night: Finding Space for Creativity Part-Time

Lola Hoad - How To Be Your Own Boss and Still Look After Yourself

Roz Try-Hane - I’ll have what she’s having

Elloa + Nige Atkinson - Breaking the Vow of Male Silence, interview

Dan Colliers - Sharing grief

Rebecca Fox - Bitches Be Critical

Cat Rose - How a Personality Quiz Can Change Your Life


Camilla Miller - Keeping Your Cool Parenting

Hela + Annie from Sister Snog - Stop Networking Start Connecting

Lucy Brand - Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs

Find out more:

Buy your ticket here Wildfire Women Event 2017

Location: THE SYNERGY CENTRE, 78 West Street, Brighton BN1 2RA

See you there!

Sarah xx

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