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My New Food and Drink Resolutions 2017

If you knew what my food and drink resolutions were, would you want to make some too?

Since the beginning of the year I've been quite quiet on Instagram. Normally I'm a picaday type of 'Grammer, but since the new year I've been doing a lot of ruminating. How best to start the new year? How can I keep learning about food and drink and discovering where I can find the very best.

I'd like my resolutions to spur me on, to motivate me from a serial article keeper, Pinterest-pinning and fine-dining dreamer into an Epicurean do-er - cooking, cocktail making and restaurant visiting.

My New Food and Drink Resolutions 2017, photo by modern bric a brac

With these thoughts swirling in my head, I've come up with a plan of action and here it is.

1) Trying Out New Recipes

With regards to this, my first resolution I've already started to dip my toe in. Instead of keeping piles of magazines, I've started to sift through them before binning to pull out any recipes I'd like to make. Once I've tried the recipe my plan is to be strict, if I don't absolutely love the results, then bin. The white chocolate, cranberry and thyme cake just had to go. This way I plan to build up a repertoire of tried and tested best recipes. My latest great finds are an amazing macaroni cheese recipe from Olive Magazine and breakfast pancakes from Waitrose magazine. Keepers both. Next up are a sweet potato rosti florentine from CoOp's magazine and nasi goreng with crispy fried egg.

My New Food and Drink Resolutions 2017, photo by modern bric a brac

2) Making and tasting Cocktails

In my foodie highlights from last year, cocktails kept making an appearance. First, there was the Bloody Mary at Barbecoa, then a rum cocktail at The Pig, to more recently a cocktail in a glass draped with chocolate ganache. From there the appeal of cocktails has grown and grown. I like the idea of a drink that deserves a little lingering over. It has taken time to prepare and the combination of flavours needs to be savoured. It's inspired me to learn more about the art of mixology and I've found a website called that breaks it down into nice and easy steps. They've got cocktail recipes that cover all the classics, plus their own blog with their take on new year's resolutions.

My New Food and Drink Resolutions 2017, photo by modern bric a brac

3) Taking a Slow Brunch Tour of Brighton and Hove

In slow brunch tour, I mean the timeframe of a year to try out 12 cafes and restaurants in Brighton and Hove that offer relaxed Sunday brunching. A week ago I started the process off with a place I'd been hearing about for a while, Cafe Plenty. With a few jolly companions to join me for the ride we slowly started with a winter warming fruit tea that needed time to brew. The ruby concoction once poured tasted full of body in contrast to the weedy thin flavour I'm used to with my herbal tea bags during the week. As we nattered we slowly made our way through Brunch favourites: flat whites, sourdough, avo and eggs. It was perfect and my plan is to keep going all year long, combining healthy hearty brunches with the comforting chatter of friends. If you fancy joining us, then get in touch and I'll give you details of the next destination. All welcome.

My New Food and Drink Resolutions 2017, photo by modern bric a brac

4 Trying out the Best Restaurants in London

There are restaurants I have heard about and wanted to visit for decades. A recent article reignited this desire and this year I plan to go to at least a one of them! My list includes:

The River Cafe - I imagine, spring sunshine, the gentle hum of diners, large windows overlooking the banks of the river and delicious dishes worth taking time over.

Afternoon tea at The Ritz - grand interior, impeccable service, sweet treats to make your eyes sparkle, splendour and refinement, Oh la!

Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat'Saisons - the ultimate in dining? Is it really as good as they say it is? Deep in the Oxfordshire countryside, top chefs, delicate flavours, technique and style mastered. I would love to find out.

And finally,

Le Gavroche - The best service in London, my father said. Yes, very good indeed, my brother agreed. A dining experience to remember. I've got my hand up. Over here, yes I'll go.

My plan is, I'll pin the restaurants to a Pinterest Board, Fine Dining in London and perhaps the universe will manifest a way to make my dreams become reality.

My New Food and Drink Resolutions 2017, photo by modern bric a brac

Come back next week to discover how I got on with making three rum cocktails. This blog post has been sponsored by

What are your food dreams for this year?

Best wishes

Sarah xx

Sarah Agnew
Blogger, Modern Bric a Brac

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