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Foodie Friday - Lucky Beach Burgers

Phenomenal. That's what I thought of the burgers at Lucky Beach and that's the word I kept saying to myself while shaking my head and scoffing the burger I had in front of me.

My Welsh One had already been to Lucky Beach and had been telling me for quite a while that I'd love it too. I was sceptical. Lucky Beach is situated right on the beach front, a great place for tourists, but not necessarily the best place to find great food.

Best burger in Brighton, photo by Modern Bric a Brac

So wrong. There is so much to love about what Lucky Beach are doing, from their innovative menu, to their ethical credentials using locally sourced produce and their lovely service.

It was a hot blue sky day when we decided to go for lunch, so our first priority was to order some refreshing drinks. For me, it's hard to go wrong with watermelon and their Fresh Watermelon Soda with squashed limes, fresh mint and syrup was a winner. My Welsh One ordered the same drink he had last time, the Pomegranate and Fresh Mint Lemonade. I thought my drink was better, he still thought his superior. So far so good.

Best burger in Brighton, photo by Modern Bric a Brac

For burgers, Lucky Beach use a native breed of Sussex for the beef in their organic dry-aged hamburgers. From a choice of four, the burgers that most appealed to us were the LBB with kombu cheddar cheese fondue, ketchup leather, lardo fried onions and housemade pickles, as well as their Sussex Shorthorn burger with fig jam, hazelnuts, crispy bacon, mature cheddar, ketchup and local veg. Wow. We couldn't decide which we would prefer, so we ordered both and split them between us.

This proved to be a good move. Although the flavours were distinct I couldn't tell you which was the best, I loved them both.

Best burger in Brighton, photo by Modern Bric a Brac

As a side we ordered skin-on fries with a smokey garlic mayo. Back to where this blog post began. I sat scoffing this incredible burger, shaking my head and muttering "phenomenal" to myself. Such was its deliciousness.

There was little room for anything else, but it was lunch time, the sun was shining and we were on the seafront. I ordered an ice-cream to share. Again the toppings sounded too intriguing to miss. On offer was either a topping of strawberry / honey balsamic and black pepper or honeycomb, olive oil, almond and maldon. This we shared with two faultless flat whites that had been made with their own organic coffee roasted locally in Brighton.

Best burger in Brighton, photo by Modern Bric a Brac

A couple of days later I was still talking about my latest discovery and a friend from Winchester replied enthusiastically that she loves the place too. It seems to be somewhere to get enthusiastic about.

We paid £33.20

The standout dish for me were both burgers - the LLB (Lucky Beach Burger) and the Sussex Shorthorn.

Lucky Beach Cafe, 183 Kings Road Arches, Brighton BN1 1NB

Best burger in Brighton, photo by Modern Bric a Brac

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