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Happy Heart Day! #heartsfoundallovertheplace

For the past couple of years I've been celebrating Happy Heart Day with a collection of hearts found all the over the place.

pakora heart #heartsfoundallovertheplace

I still keep finding them and I've even started collecting them on Pinterest at irishaggers/hearts found all over the place too.  I just can't help myself.

Anyway, whether you've got a Welsh cariad, a mum who loves you, a cat who won't leave your side, or BFFs that make you feel special, there's someone out there that loves you!

So, to celebrate this fact and share some more hearts that I've found, here are some from the last twelve months.

Brighton beach heart #heartsfoundallovertheplace

pavement heart #heartsfoundallovertheplace

Brighton beach heart #heartsfoundallovertheplace

Close up Brighton beach heart #heartsfoundallovertheplace

Check out last year's heartening look at love, 2013 hearts of Brighton and 2012 accidental heart shapes.

I'd love see any you've found, please share your favourites with me!

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