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Unique Christmas gifts at reduced prices, it makes sense

When the lovely Fifi McGee extended the Homesense blogging invite to me, I cancelled everything else to go. Already a fan of Homesense's mix of good prices and selection of homeware, so far I've bought a much loved mug, as well as presents for my Cardiff fella's mum (a pretty, white bird house and stalks of magnolia).
The plan for the blogging event was to enter a couple of comps, such as best tweet of the night, leaving a trail of Blogger Recommends tags behind us.  Easy, I thought give us another!  The other comp was to guess the total of four items.  Using my combined experience of Homesense visits and my iPhone calculator my guess was swiftly made and added to the jar. Winners announced later.
To add further joy to our tagging mish each of us were also handed a ten pound  gift card to spend as we wished.  Whoop!  So with card in back pocket I was off, like a crazy person on Black Friday.  By the time I'd reached the first floor of lamps, doggy fashion and sofa throws I'd already been tweeting for quite a while.  Phone in hand I reached into my back pocket to check for my card and it wasn't there. I'd also been using my back pocket for my phone in between tweets, despite having a bag and other pockets to put it in. Elation at having a tenner to spend suddenly evaporated. I started scouring for my card, retracing my steps. What a complete idiot I thought.
Back at the blogging event base and the winners had been announced for best tweet and nearest guess to total amount for the four items. No, you guessed it, I didn't win. But I was close, in fact I was five pound out and got the runners up prize. A ten pound gift card. 

This is what I bought. 

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