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Pretty unique clothing with a nod to vintage in Brighton

Vacant Clothing

It happens sometimes, you pass a shop and like the look of everything in the window. Although this was the case for me as I passed Vacant, I had to keep walking as I was on my way up Trafalgar Street at the time to check out the new ethical chicken restaurant and wasn't sure where it was.

In the window were cute mid-length patterned dresses in navies and greens. As I continued climbing the hill in search of chicken my mind was still thinking about the dresses I'd seen in the window. Once I'd found the new restaurant I realised I was a bit early, half an hour to be exact, so I realised I was free to skip back down the street to take a better look. 

Inside Vacant clothing the shop is spread out over two levels with men's clothing as you walk in and women's on the lower level. On a table were some feather earrings, purses and a bobble hat, while on the wall were some cards with birds on a wire and generous looking scarves. Asking permission to take some pics for this blog from one of the owners Mhorag I also found out more about the clothes that I liked so much. Designed and manufactured by husband and wife team Mhorag and Simon Lomond they have three labels that they sell in their shop - Vacant for men, Pretty Vacant for women and another range Circus that they make in collaboration with a friend in Dublin. They have been open for about five years and their shop has become so popular that a couple of months ago they opened their second store in the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells. 

Heavily influenced by vintage styles I particularly loved a polka dot dress with a full skirt, that had a very 50s style. I also loved a navy sleeveless top, which I still liked even when it was on me (in the New Year I've got to stop treating myself to waistline increasing foods) and left very happy with my Pretty Vacant purchase.

Find them at 11-12 Trafalgar Street, Brighton UK
Facebook at Vacant-Clothing

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