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Sunday night concert with Brighton based composer, Rob Lane - 10 August2014

Initially interested by the local Kemp town connection, delving a little deeper I got goose bumps when I found out one of the pieces to be performed had been written as a tribute by Rob Lane to the composer's mother in law. The other piece equally increased in fascination when I heard it was called Plath Poems and was directly inspired by the sharp toned wordsmith Sylvia.

Taking place this Sunday 10 August at the Unitarian Church on New Road, Brighton (opposite the Mash Tun), the concert is part of the Brighton Philharmonic's Summer Season.
Sylvia Plath by Librerose

There will be two pieces by Mozart, String Quartet No.17 ‘Hunt’ in B♭major K. 458 and Exsultate, Jubilate; plus Soprano Katie Thomas and two pieces by BAFTA winning composer Rob Lane.

‘Evocations’, written in 2012, is a 13 minute piece dedicated to the composer's mother-in-law, who was in the last stages of a terminal illness when the music was composed. In Lane's own words, it is a very personal reflection on the power of memory in shaping our lives and plays out as a series of musical evocations of key scenes inspired by a life much travelled. In particular, one of the sections brings to life his mother in law's travels to Africa, while other scenes are designed as musical versions of memories. For instance a child's memory of rain falling on a roof....or a moment of solitude when we become aware of time passing and growing the end, however it will be up to the listener to decide how to interpret the evocations.  

The other piece by Lane was specially written for this concert and is called Plath Poems. Following the tradition of art inspiring art, Lane has found inspiration in three of Plath's poems, Mirror, Morning Song and Edge. Created for a soprano, string quartet and piano ensemble, Lane explains Plath's appeal,"her language captures the highs and lows of life with a rare integrity, and it is the power of her unblinking honesty that I hope to capture musically." Copies of the three poems will be handed out at the concert.

The concert will also coincidentally take place on the birthday of another much loved and inspirational lady who passed away only a couple of years ago and is greatly missed, my Nana, Nell Wallace.
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