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Giant paper maze, surveillance and dance come to Brighton 28 – 30 August 2014 with the New Movement Collective

Set within an architectural paper labyrinth from waste donated by the Guardian Newspaper Print Centre, the audience are invited to experience a unique dance experience at Circus Street Market.  

Inspired the seminal novel ‘The New York Trilogy’ by Paul Auster, New Movement Collective (NMC) present Casting Traces, a cross-genre 45-minute performance involving film, music, dance and the audience.

~ Casting Traces 2014, New Movement Collective ~
Circus Street Market will be transformed into a giant paper maze creating a temporary world of illusion, where light and shadow will interplay and choreographed movement will be enhanced. Designed by Elin Eyborg, visitors become participants in the performance, with the translucent assemblage encouraging the audience to reassess their perception of dance and architecture.

Meanwhile projections and live camera feeds will enable participants to encounter representations of themselves as they explore hidden spaces.  In collaboration with Nylon Films, the aim is to explore popular themes of detective novels and our response to an ever-present surveillance. 

Alongside this visual interplay, a composition by Szymon Brzóska (Sadler’s Wells Theatre) will be played live during the event by violinist Linda Jankowska and Aisha Orazbayeva.

NMC hope the combined affect will blur the boundaries between dance, architecture, film and music. 

Nominated for ‘Best Independent Company’ in the Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards in 2013, NMC aspires to change and evolve the landscape of contemporary theatre, unlocking performance potential within hidden pockets of our cities.

Circus Street Market, May 2014

Brighton, Circus Street Market, Brighton, BN2 9QF
28 August - 8:30 pm
29 + 30 August - 6:45 pm + 8:30 pm
** Tickets must be purchased in advance at
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