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New Writing South create the Good Blog Guide and includeModernBrickaBrack - cue happy dance from me

~ The Good Good People at New Writing South, a leading creative-writing hub in the south-east of England have set up a Good Blog Guide and included ModernBrickaBrack in their selection. It's a curated list that gives the New Writing South stamp of approval for good writing to bloggers.

I'm very flattered and delighted to say the least, so thank you very much NWS.
~ Street art in Brighton ~

Already a fan, this is not the first time they have received a mention on this blog. Only last month did their regular night of poetry and food, Come Rhyme With Me receive a review from guest blogger Amelia Charman. The next date for this event will be Friday 18 July and will feature Toby Thompson, Paula Varjack and Grace Carter among others.  Click on Come Rhyme With Me in July for more details.
~ Street art in Brighton ~

Dedicated to inspiring, nurturing and connecting to creative writers, they are keen to support all types of writing from novels, plays, poetry, radio drama, to blogging and screenwriting. 

They offer a wide range of events throughout the year with debates, rehearsed readings, author events as well as an annual New Writing South lecture to choose from.

Other support they provide includes workshops, feedback, mentoring, bursaries, advice and networking opportunities, where they focus on career development, promotion and employment.

Not only that they also go into schools, places of work and all kinds of communities in order to inspire imaginations, encourage creative thinking and generate a whole load of enthusiasm wherever they go.

I've added a widget to the right, which you can click on to check out the full list of bloggers included in the Good Blog Guide or alternatively just click on New Writing South to find out more.

They are always open to adding blogs to the Guide, so if you want to nominate one (including your own) or for information on their criteria please email:
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