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Meet the Reviewers for ModernBrickaBrack of Brighton Fringe 2014

This year 200 venues across Brighton and Hove will be hosting around 750 shows over the next four weeks.  That is an awful lot of talent and far too many shows for a single blogger to cover.  So, to bring a little diversity into the mix I've asked some fellow Brighton writers to join me this month to review some shows that appeal to them as well.
With a short intro on each of us, this is what we are looking forward to over the next week and why.

Meet the Reviewers:

Amelia Charman

Amelia Charman - follow on Twitter @ameliacharman1
A Morrissey obsessed, Northern Soul enthusiast who likes to see the world speed past on two wheels. Enjoys pots of Earl Grey and talking about being a woman with women.

Bitchelors (Work in Progress), Company: Anna Morris
Venue: Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant, Category: Comedy
30-31 May 17:45 Free, non-ticketed

- A talented comedy actress, with lots of audience participation and a catchy title!

Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho, Company: Aine Flanagan Productions / Theatre503
Venue: Upstairs at Three and Ten, Category: Theatre
5-7 May 22:00 21-22 May21:30 £9.50 (£8) [1hr] Plus booking fee

- The Iron Lady fascinates me, is she a female icon or not? Who knows, but in this wonderfully quirky take on the formidable Prime Minister she stars in drag in a comedy extravaganza about homophobia, the 80's and disco.

Elf Lyons is a Pervert, Company: Elf Lyons
Venue: Upstairs at Three and Ten, Category: Comedy
10-11 May 22:00 £8 (£6.50) [1hr] Plus booking fee

- I am interested in women talking about their perverse, usually repressed thoughts, and this title really jumped out at me.
Rosie Davis

Rosie Davis - follow on Twitter @RosieDavisred
Cornish, now a recognised minority.  Loves being outdoors, wild swimming, writing, her fiancĂ© and their dog.  Fan of the artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham.

Liz Peters: Toybox, Company: Liz Peters
Venue: Upstairs at Three and Ten, Category: Comedy
5, 26 May 17:00, 16 May 19:00 £8 (£6.50) [1hr] Plus booking fee

- She's part of the Maydays improv comedy group based in Brighton and she does Victoria Wood style stuff, so she plays the piano with comedy songs. She is very clever, very witty. She was at the Edinburgh Fringe last year and she does stuff every year with the Maydays and I'm looking forward to seeing her solo work.

Pure Holography, Company: The Holograms of Inaki Beguiristain
Venue: Friese-Greene Gallery (at Brighton Media Centre), Category: Visual Arts
3-31 May, 1 June 10:00-17:30 Free, non-ticketed [7hrs 30mins]

- I've not seen anything like this before, it reminds me of when I was a kid, so I'm quite intrigued to see what it is.  I'm quite interested in how it is created.

The Ladyboys of Bangkok, Company: Exchange Events Ltd
Venue: Sabai Pavilion, Category: Cabaret
Previews 2 May 19.00; 21.00 £10, 4,11,18,25, 15.30 24,31, 16.30 3-12 May, 14–19 May, 21–31 May, 19:00; 21:45 £34 Platinum Tables, £30 Premium Tables, £24 (£14.50) Standard Tables. All tickets 2 for 1 on Mondays [1hr 45]

- This show is meant to be good fun with lots of singing and dancing and everyone gets involved and has a good night.  It's been coming to Brighton for so many years and I've never seen it and it has become a must-see now.
Sophie Turton

Sophie Turton - follow on Twitter @TurtonSophie
A travel enthusiast who has lived in Prague, China and Sri Lanka. Passionate about Murakami, writing, reading and gesticulating. Lover of lists.

Bernard Shaw Invites You!, Company: P M Productions
Venue: Redroaster Coffee House, Category: Theatre
3-7, 9-10 May 20:00 £10 (£8) [2hrs]

- I'm interested in his philosophical train of thought. It's billed as quite a unique experience and interactive, so I'm wondering whether they can pull that off.

Movin Melvin Brown: The Ray Charles Experience, Company: Movin' Melvin Brown
Venue: The Old Market, Category: Cabaret
8-10 May 20:00 £15 (£13) [1hr30mins] Plus booking fee

- Motown music really appeals to me, I think I've got a soft spot for it because it reminds me of my dad and listening to it when I was a kid.

Auld Acquaintance, Company: Audley + Co Productions
Venue: The Dukebox Theatre, Category: Theatre
10, 17, 24 May 17:00 11, 18 May 20:00 £8 (£6) [1hr 10mins]

- When I met Natalie and heard another play she had written I was impressed by her writing skills and so it would be good to see it in action.

Sarah Agnew

Sarah Agnew - follow on Twitter @IrishAggers
Northern Irish, lover of Kemp town village, the arts and the sea. Loves quirky, last year participated in The Kate Bush experience, which involved dressing in red and dancing around a field to Wuthering Heights.

Half a Cod a Day, Company: Parrabolla,
Venue: The Old Courtroom, Category: Theatre
8-11 May 21:15 £8 (£6) [1hr30mins] Plus booking fee

- Based on the true story of three generations of Hastings fishermen, this is about a fisherman's daily quota of half a cod a day. One fisherman's annual quota can be picked up by a trawler in one day. It's a big issue and one I'm really interested in finding out more about.

Harriet Walter in New Play, Company: MOOT - music of our time
Venue: St Nicholas Church, Category: Theatre
9 May 19:30 £15 (£12) [2hrs] Plus booking fee

- For one night only it takes place in the ancient and atmospheric setting of St Nicholas church, the Norman church dating back to 1091 above Churchill Square. This is a read through of a play by Jessica Duchen, inspired by the composition Quartet for the End of Time by Messiaen. I heard this piece of music a few years ago and the ending stunned me. I later found out that it was composed in a prisoner of war camp. The Ether Quartet will play the composition in the second half.

Bonny Boys are Few, Company: Enormous Yes
Venue: The Old Courtroom, Category: Theatre
8-11 May 19:45 £10 (£8) [1hr] Plus booking fee

- Written and acted by people from Northern Ireland it is the story of a lad growing up in a boarding house over there, surrounded by surrogate father figures in the absence of his own dad. Using comedy and fable the piece merges fact with a fictional tale of a Spanish conquistador, an eel who eats misery, Harry Styles and featuring a live band, storytelling and a film. I'm intrigued.
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