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A heartening look at love - Happy Valentine's 2014

An annual collection of hearts -
Brighton pebbles

I've always found Valentine's Day to be rather exclusive, appealing to only one sort of love and to the exclusion of all others.  So, to balance things out a little I would like to unofficially expand Valentine's Day to all those who are loved by or love someone.  That I hope, pretty much includes everyone, which is much more egalitarian.
Now that we have that sorted, please find my annual round-up of heart shapes, either accidental or by design, with some included by friends who have joined in the accidental heart-finding lark.

The beam by Mundialphoto
The beam, a photo taken in Kanab, Utah by Mundialphoto on Flickr.

Heart found in a jar of salt by Patrick Pearson
Coffee heart @JuliePeasgood
Liverpool Hotel, 07:12 am 12.02.14 @JuliePeasgood
Hot day in Cyprus by @gingio
Viewing stool at the top of Craven Vale, Brighton
Bathroom wall light in Westport, Connecticut

For more hearts click on this link to Pinterest - Hearts Found All Over the Place

If you've taken a good pic and you want to share, let me know and I'll add it in.
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