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Re-making the Kate Bush music video Wuthering Heights en masse - a moving tribute organised by Shambush

Now that Brighton Fringe 2013 has sadly shut up shop for another year, it's time to bring you a couple of retrospectives.  The first is my photo journey of Shambush, the Ultimate Kate Bush Experience.  I'd persuaded myself to go along and just take a few photos before heading west for the weekend, but when I got there, with the song Wuthering Heights drifting across the field and the sight of other Shambushers amassing it made me realise I had to go home, dress in red and come back ready for action instead.  The event captured the attention of the press internationally, from New York to Latvia, as well as featuring in the Rolling Stones and NME news.  It also quite rightly received recognition winning third place as most ground breaking act from The Latest.  As yet we are still waiting to see the finished music video of 300 Kate Bushers dancing to Wuthering Heights, in the meantime here are a few pics of the day.

The road to Shambush, Stanmer Park, Brighton

Shambush entrance

Early Doors, Shambushers learn the moves

Shambushers amassing

While at the other end of the field, the kids are enjoying a bubblefest

Kate Bush alike, practising the backward pterodactyl move

Two Kate Bush alikes @craftycarrie10 @IrishAggers

Finally, I'll leave you with the original and still the best, take it away Kate.

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