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Fun, Quirky and a Little Bit Bonkers, Brighton Fringe 2013 - doing what it does best

The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience

Event somewhere on the South Downs

Qualifying for the Fun, Quirky and possibly Bonkers categories, the Ultimate Kate Bush Experience was made for a Fringer like me.  This is an event I have been training for all my life - attending a party as a child with the most enormous amount of shaggy long brown hair, graduating to singing along to her Greatest Hits on repeat and now at last, my moment has arrived! 
On 25 May 2013 Shambush! will attempt to set a world record for the number of people dressed like Kate Bush in a red dress to re-enact the classic Wuthering Heights video on the South Downs.  The event is free and everyone is welcomed. So, to join in, go to their Facebook Page and Sign Up.
25 May 13:00 Free, non-ticketed [3hrs]

Shambush! on Facebook
The Ultimate Kate Bush, Brighton Fringe
Someone Else's Shoes
Theatre outside The Old Market

Do me a favour - and don't read the blurb on this show as it will give you no idea what to expect.  When I read the words, "Join TrailBlaze on a journey through a Brighton you have never met", I thought they meant metaphorically.  They mean literally, so wear flat shoes
and dress for the outside and whatever you do, don't carry three heavy bags with you.  The blurb, in my opinion should read, this is a perfect Fringe event, upbeat, lively, a little bit bonkers and yes! immersive.  A perfect anti-dote to being a grown-up, the show does require polishing, but that is also very Fringe-y.  If you enjoy seeing this fair city in a completely new way, then seriously get involved and have some fun.

By TrailBlaze theatre company
17, 19, 24, 26, 31 May, 2 June 17:30 £6 (£5) 17, 19, 24, 26, 31 May, 2 June 19:00 £6 (£5) 17, 19, 24, 26, 31 May, 2 June 20:30 £6 (£5) [1hr]

Trail Blaze on Twitter
The Old Market on Facebook
Trail Blaze Website
Someone Else's Shoes, Brighton Fringe

Dead Happy
Theatre at your house

A one-man-play about the vagaries of Funeral Directing, life, death and the secret of happiness.  It's a play with a twist: - your own home is the venue for an intimate and affecting theatre experience impossible to achieve in a conventional venue.
Francis Putlock, of Webb and Putlock Funeral Directors, arrives at your door for a consultation you will never forget, and takes you on a journey through life, loss and transfiguration.

The ticket price is fixed at £37.50, and you choose whether to share the experience with up to ten friends or less if you like.  You will be asked to give your name and address when you purchase your ticket, the actor will arrive at your door at the time stipulated on your ticket and all he will require is a chair.  The performance will begin from the moment he knocks (or rings) on your door.  Available to people living at BN1, BN2 or BN3 postcodes, tickets are available from the Brighton Fringe Box Office.
To view a short clip from the show go to

By Yama Theatre Productions
15-19, 22-26, 29-31 May, 1-2 June 20:30 £37.50 (£25) [50mins]
Yama Theatre on Facebook
Yama Theatre Website
DeadHappy, Brighton Fringe

Rob Auton: The Yellow Show

Comedy at The Warren

This show is about the colour yellow. You know, the colour of lemons, marigolds, and yellow lines. This show is recommended for people who know of the colour yellow.  Dubbed "a talent to watch" by Alice Jones, of the Independent  "A poet/ comedian/ illustrator, who combines the whimsical appeal of early Josie Long and the lo-fi artistry of Sam Fletcher with a hint of the menace of Tim Key. He treads a neat line between twee and threatening, one minute offering the audience sweets, the next demanding to know their favourite cheese."

25 May, 1 June 18:00 £8 (£6.50) [1hr]
Rob Auton on Twitter
Rob Auton Website
Rob Auton,Brighton Fringe
Violin Variations by Ian Peaston
Music at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

Live looping like you’ve never heard before, using an electric violin, pedals and a laptop, the Scottish violinist Ian Peaston performs everything from Bach to film music to pop to Brazilian electro-samba and all completely live.  Peaston loops together a thousand unexpected sounds from a breathtakingly eclectic range of genres for audiences of all ages – Bach, Björk, Arvo Pärt, Massive Attack, Corelli, Hans Zimmer, Céu (Brazil) and Muse, plus new music by Naomi Edemariam (Canada), Ash Madni (UK) and Stefan Klaverdal (Sweden). Lusciously loud, looped and live.
23 - 25 May 15:30 £6 (£4) [1hr]
Violin Variations on Facebook
Violin Variations Website 
Violin Variations,Brighton Fringe
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