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Soul Dome immersion - Cartoons for kids, chill-out for adults in 360 degrees at Brighton Fringe

Last night was the debut of the 360 Soul Dome in a community centre on Carden Hill.  What I wanted to know was what could a 360 degree soul dome actually be?  and would I care?  We were asked to take off our shoes and enter a small blacked-out inner tube and zipped in.  Claustrophobic?  Eh, yah.  However, after a moment the other end was un-zipped and a domed space with images projected across the ceiling was revealed, claustrophobia entirely gone. 

Bliss journey, Soul Dome

Across the floor people were lying down with their heads on cushions looking upwards in silence.  Above span a world of images and colours reaching to the outer edges of peripheral vision.  The first segment projected onto the dome was from the Bliss Journey, which the Soul Dome had successfully taken on the festival circuit last year.  This was also the most enjoyable for me, playing chill-out music, we watched as a series of colours and images morphed into the next. 


The Philosophy Garden - 3 days of storytellers, scientific thinkers and folk singers

~  It was Epicurus who advocated a philosophy of simple pleasures and it was in his garden that he wanted to create an atmosphere conducive to philosophising, thinking and sharing ideas.

This year as part of Brighton Fringe at the award-winning pop-up venue The Warren, a three-day event called the Philosophy Garden will hope to channel this vision.

Mundial Photos

Mundial Photo

Organised by Storyteller Fleur Shorthouse and inspired by the spirit of Epicurus, Fleur has brought together a collection of story-tellers and thinkers in philosophy, music and science to engage, enlighten and entertain.

The performances will take place in two venues, entered via a hidden, tranquil garden off the busy, centrally located West Street and collectively called The Warren.  Accessed via the bottom end of West Street, turn left at the Travelodge, head up Russell Road, turn first right and continue to the top of what looks like a dead-end.  There you will find a Fringe Oasis and a hub of music, drinking and some philosophising too.

Beginning on Saturday 4 May in the Warren at 1pm, Professor Steve Jones, the famous Welsh Geneticist and supporter of Humanism will be talking about Genetics and the Bible.  He will be exploring the origins of life, sex, age, death and the end of the universe.  Without dwelling on the debate between believers and unbelievers, his emphasis will be on how the same questions preoccupy us today as in biblical times - and proposing that science offers many of the answers, making reference to his book,


A recommendation from Arundel - Spencer Swaffer Antiques

Antique Chateau Birdcage, Spencer Swaffer Antiques
  ~ Whether a tad colder this Easter or not, it was still a good time to go on an adventure and head out for a spring infused perambulation.  Such musings led me to venture 40 minutes west of Brighton by car to the picturesque town of Arundel on Easter Monday.  This in turn led me to check out a recommendation made by Alex Macarthur, the Brighton based antiques dealer with an eye for the grand and striking who I blogged about on BestBitsAboutBrighton.  Alex had recommended another highly regarded antiques dealer Spencer Swaffer, so while in Arundel I was curious to visit his three storey premises and see for myself.

Spencer Swaffer Antiques, Arundel
Spencer Swaffer Antiques, courtyard
Luckily Spencer was on site and happy to show us around the shop where he has been based for an impressive forty years.
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