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Days Out in Brighton: Making Hen Plans

There are definitely people who like to plan, itineraries are the thing and no event would go on without one. 

While others, like myself who are more fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants types and have rather less well developed organisational skills as a result.

There are however times when a bit of forward planning even for the most unstructured bridesmaid is a must. A Hen weekend is one such occasion. So I went online, asked the other hens and picked up a few ideas from friends about how to make a Hen weekend really special and this is what I came up with.

Brighton hen weekend, photo by modern bric a brac
Hen itinerary

Decide in advance when and where you are going to eat and double check you are booked in beforehand just to make sure there is no confusion on the day.

Create an itinerary and give all the Hens a copy, that way everyone knows what is happening and when, put a mobile number on it just in case it’s needed as well.

Plan some Hen games, Mr and Mrs has become quite a staple, so here are some suggested questions to adapt accordingly:

Mr and Mrs Quiz questions

1 Where did you meet?

2 What is your favourite activity to do together?

3 If the bride could choose 3 things to save from a fire – What would they be?

i) Her hair straighteners?

ii) Her tweezers?

iii) You?

iv) Her iPhone?

v) Your laptop?

vi) Her laptop?

vii) Her sparkly shoes?

4 Which celebrity does she think you most look like?

a) Brad Pitt

b) George Clooney

c) Boris Johnson

5 And who do you think she looks like?

a) Claudia Schiffer

b) Brigitte Bardot

c) Marilyn Monroe

6 What is the most romantic moment you have spent together?

7 What’s her most embarrassing nickname for you?

8 If you had to lose 1 of the following which would the bride choose?

a) Your looks?

b) Your sense of humour?

c) Your sexy body?

9 And the same question for the bride?

10 What’s your favourite thing to do to ‘bug the bride’?

11 What is your favourite meal?

Find a way of asking the groom-to-be the questions and make notes, or even better video his responses. Then read the questions out to the future Bride in front of all the Hens and award her a prize for answering them correctly or set up forfeits for getting answers wrong.

Pass the Parcel

One of the Hens suggested pass the parcel and came with a massive package with a present hidden beneath each layer of wrapping paper. Then she orchestrated the passing of the parcel, calling out ‘Stop’ so that everyone got a turn to unwrap a present, all penis related. The one that caused the most hilarity were cock trump cards, it was the gift that kept on giving.

Hen Tasks

Another Hen came up with the idea of setting the Bride-to-be with a number of tasks, with all the Hens given a list of them, to help make sure the BTB completed them.

The tasks included:

Eat the strangest ice cream combo you can find

Dance like an Egyptian

Hop on one leg for 30 seconds

Do a handstand against a famous building

Pull a beard

Bride carries a card with her and red lipstick and gets as many men as she can to wear the lipstick and kiss the card

Get a souvenir from every bar

In an allotted space of time collect: an empty bottle, a bus ticket, a beer mat, a menthol cigarette, an autograph from a stranger, a slice of lemon, a business card... AND learn a football chant for the local team.

Make up silly names for all members of the group to be used at all times. Failure to do so results in a forfeit.

Brighton hen weekend, photo by modern bric a brac
Hen Tasks

The Peg Game

Included in everyone's goodie bags each Hen was given two clothes pegs. The plan was to place them somewhere conspicuously on their clothing. Two words were to be chosen as ‘banned’ for the day (such as ‘sparkly’ and ‘ring’) and whenever anyone said these ‘banned’ words, the person who hears them first takes a peg from them. Whoever ends up with the most pegs at the end of the day wins a prize.

Now here are the rules to the game that we ended up playing. Peg people without them knowing it.

Not a lot to it, went down an absolute storm. There was a pegging frenzy....pegs on random people in random bars....pegs on each other.....think I might take a few to the wedding....

Compilation CD

Our Hen loves music so we decided to compile a CD of songs that reminded us of her, we even included a couple from her husband to be, her parents and daughters, which added to the surprise.

Brighton hen weekend, photo by modern bric a brac
Hen CD

Brighton hen weekend, photo by modern bric a brac
Hen CD song list

A Goody Bag

Goody Bags are a great way to set the weekend off to a good start. Ours included the itinerary for the weekend and Hen tasks. Designed by one of the Hens she had managed to come up with a design that complemented the style of the Wedding invite. She also designed the CD cover of the compilation CD for the Hen and imitated the Ministry of Sound Logo. The other items that were added were a shot glass, pegs for the peg game and last of all, because the Hen Weekend did take place in Brighton after all, a Love Bird from the inimitable Choccywoccydoodah.

Brighton hen weekend, photo by modern bric a brac
Hen goody bag

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