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The Irish Contingent, Happy St Patrick's Day

With Paddy's Day upon us I thought it appropriate to bring you a round-up of Irish related events to look out for at the Brighton Fringe Festival in May.

The one I am looking forward to most of all is your man from the North with the big blue peepers, I don't think that is his normal tag line, but anyway.

Jimeoin, pronounced Jim Owen has gained a reputation for himself with rave reviews over the last few years at the Edinburgh Festival.  Not only has he a host of stand up lines to keep us laughing but if we're lucky we'll get a wee tune on the guitar too.

Jimeoin Edinburgh Festival 2010

Jimeoin - Lovely

Venue: Komedia,  Date: 14 May 7.30 pm

Company: LIVE NATION,  Sub-category: Stand-up                                                        

Duration: 150 mins,  Entrance fee: £14.50

Multi-award winning, Jimeoin, the Irish / Australian super-star presents his hilarious show of world-class stand-up, internationally hailed as one of live comedy’s masters.

Foil, Arms and Hog

Foil, Arms and Hog

Venue: Upstairs at Three and Ten,  Date: 5, 6, 7 May  at 5 pm

Company: Foil, Arms and Hog,  Sub-category: Sketch show                                             

Duration: 60 mins,  Entrance fee: £8.50 (£7.00 concessions)

Irish sketch-comedy, potato, potato, potato, potato, potato, potato, pot of gold, potato. You racist. With sold-out Edinburgh shows in '09, '10, '11 this will be their first outing in Brighton and they are expecting (hoping) that it is "a quaint little seaside town, where women roller blade down the pier wearing bikinis and men workout in a sort of 'beach gym'".  I think this translates as a trip to the Mock Turtle for their tea, then heading to the Live Roller Derby to cheer on the female skaters before heading down to Riptide on the beach for a bit of grunting.  Happy days.

The type of sketches they may include cover a football team with the longest losing streak in British football history, an equal opportunities employer who must have at least one evil person and a racist on staff, an examination of the human condition during war time, and a sex doll (that last one is a little more high brow than you might think... or is it?).

And as for what these guys will be getting up to on St Patrick's day, "for the festival of the very reverend Saint Patrick we will be making our way to Cork (Irelands second best city... but don't tell them that) where we will spend seven and a half hours watching rugby before ending the night with a show in City Limits Comedy Club. Past experience of gigging on Paddys day tells us that we should be steeling ourselves for what will no doubt be a very rowdy and drunk audience, but when you add in the fact that Ireland will be playing the ould enemy England in the hours preceding the gig, who knows what to expect."

Keith Farnan: Money, Money, Money

Venue: Upstairs at Three and Ten,  Date: 24 May 8.30 pm

Company: Keith Farnan, Sub-category: Stand-up Solo show                                     

Duration: 60 mins,  Entrance fee: £9.50 (£8.00 concessions)

With money, often the lack of it obsessing us more and more these days Keith Farnan's show gives us an opportunity to see the funny side of it all.   Making observations about Ireland's fiscal meltdown, and hatching a cunning plan to repay £85,000,000,000,000, which may include hoodwinking Abba fans into paying for a show that isn't about Abba, Farnan may yet be our saviour. ‘Brilliant, thought-provoking, laugh-out-loud funny’ (TimeOut). ‘If Eddie Izzard had been Irish, he’d surely have turned out a lot like Farnan’ (The Scotsman). 

Speranza, Lady Wilde, Mother of Oscar

Venue: St Margaret's Church,  Date: 17, 18, 19, 20, 24 May 7 pm

Company: London International Theatre Services,  Sub-category: Theatrical, Historical                                        

Duration: 60mins,  Entrance fee: £10.00 (£8.00 concessions)

One hour one woman show depicting life of Jane Francesca Elgee who electrified Ireland with her passionate Irish Nationalist verses. She married brilliant eye surgeon Dr. William Wilde loved her two sons Oscar and Willie passionately. Her talk said to be like fireworks, she presided over salons in Dublin and London where the literary world came. A memorable woman.

The Revolution will be Re-Tweeted

Venue: Upstairs at Three and Ten, Date: 10, 12 May evening

Company: Abie Philbin Bowman,  Sub-category: Stand-up Satire                                             

Duration: 60mins,  Entrance fee: £8.50 (£7.00 concessions)

The Revolution will be televised, re-tweeted & available on 4oD. What do we want? Global Justice! When do we want it? In 140 characters! Revolutionary stand-up from activist comedian Abie Philbin Bowman (‘Jesus: The Guantanamo Years’, 'Pope Benedict: Bond Villain'). “Up-to-the-minute, painfully relevant satire.” **** (The Scotsman) “The Best Irish Stand-up Comedian under 30” – (Sunday Times)

The Wind that Shook the Barley

Venue: Hannah House,  Date: 16, 17 May 6 pm

Company: ELAL Productions,  Sub-category: Live music, Historical                                

Duration: 75mins,  Entrance fee: £8.00 (£5.00 concessions)

Alan Felton presents a wealth of Irish song, poetry and drama depicting the Irish rebellions & famine during the 400 years of English rule. Alan is assisted by Tim Roycroft and Vivien Moore. We perform "The Fields of Athenry", "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" & other ballads. Also exerpts from works of O'Casey, Yeats and others.

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