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Soundwaves Festival 2011, 14 - 17 July

Ushering in four days dedicated to audio related new commissions, collaborations, performances and experiences, the Soundwaves Festival, is split into daily themes consisting of Comment, Move, Sing and Listen.

The Festival has a mixture of free and ticketed events at various sites across Brighton with opportunities to participate as well as spectate.

And as with pretty much every festival choice becomes bewildering, so the events highlighted are just the free ones, which often works as a good opener for ten:

SOUND WALK by Joanna Brown

at Brighton Theatre Car Park (NCP), Level 7

Go to the Soundwaves website and download a series of tracks and a downloadable map then listen to the sound walk as you experience a collection of redolent impressions.

Taking place in the car park starting on level 7 at the north end the walk follows the boundary in a clockwise direction, east, south, west, north, east and south again to finish at the southern exit on level 7.
The performance will explore an imaginary soundscape, made up of idealized sounds that whisper and call to us, interrupting our lives with brief memories of other places and times.

14 - 17 July, 12 - 6pm at Lighthouse


Call a number and leave a message, a noise or silence, all of which may be used in an ever changing sonic installation at the Lighthouse, throughout the festival.


Leave a message on the Phone In, installation, Listen to sound walks for the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, as well as the Theatre NCP car park, or download tracks to accompany the ‘silent performances’ and artists work from previous Soundwaves Festivals.
Join them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest news and send them your comments, experiences and feedback - they want to hear from you.

On Saturday 16 July, 10am - 5pm at Brighton Unitarian Church

From opera to beatboxing and more besides the human voice will be explored in all its facets, culminating in an informal performance at 4:30pm. 
Inviting all musical abilities this free workshop is open to all and will be led by the dynamic Adam Swayne, pianist, composer and musical director of CoMA Sussex and will also include sessions led by opera singer Lisa Swayne (recently Tatyana in Kentish Opera's Eugene Onegin) and Crawley-based Human Beatboxer Krystal Gob.

email: to tell them you are coming or just turn up on the day.


A round table discussion by Voice Laboratory.

Saturday 16 July, 12 – 1pm at Brighton Unitarian Church

Using the starting point of the advent of artist Susan Philipsz winning the Turner Prize with her vocal sound piece last November the Voice Laboratory presents a round table discussion focusing on the voice in contemporary art and the role of the voice in culture today, with practitioners and thinkers working with voice from various disciplines including vocal practice, singing, musicology, sound art, composition and fine art.

Throughout the week, at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery


Go to the Soundwaves website and download a series of tracks and a downloadable map then listen to the sound walk as you experience a collection of redolent impressions.

1. Metal on Metal
The shimmering sounds of a Tibetan prayer bowl suggest metal’s inner life. The rest is grinding and bashing.

2. An English Pastoral
Birds and leaves, people and animals, the Sussex landscape heard out loud. Pottery is teased into audible life.

3. Hutong Looming
A Beijing Hutong, a market street in all its noisy glory, an acoustic backdrop to a Dobby hand loom working thread by thread.

4. Fake Murano
The lagoon laps, frogs croak, the quay creaks and cicadas sing on an imaginary evening in Venice’s Glass Island.

5. The Fashion Store
Garments come out of storage. Hangers scrape, fabrics fall and are gathered up again. Pins drop.

6. Feira De Ladra
A Lisbon flea market at 7 a.m. Another way that people present objects to each other.

To find out more about the artist follow one of these links,,
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