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Going Out for some wall art

Going Out for some wall art

With May upon us, how quickly did that happen?  Visitors to Brighton will be bombarded with art and culture literally from every angle, in every form and a great deal of it for free.  This is all good and with so much to look out for I thought I'd bring you some new wall art that has recently sprung up to look upwards at.  The latter I watched develop over a series of days, in part de-mystifying the impressive nature of art on such a large scale, in part further adding to its appeal.

Wentworth Street wall art, off St James' Street, Kemptown

Wentworth Street, off St James' Street, Kemptown

Alice Dreams wall art, Middle Street, Brighton

"The time has come," the Walrus said,

"To talk of many things:

Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--

And why the sea is boiling hot--

And whether pigs have wings."

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