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Say Cheese please - La Cave a Fromage in Hove

If you love cheese but always end up making the same selection over and over again it’s about time you head down to La Cave a Fromage to crank up your taste buds a few notches. Having recently opened in Hove, this double-fronted cheese specialist offers food lovers a choice of over 200 cheeses and caters for those of us whose palates crave new flavours and love variety.

Having supplied such celebrated clients including Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, Eric Charriaux and Amnon Paldi, La Cave have already established themselves as experts in the field.  They are passionate about introducing everyone to the wealth of different cheeses that are available across France and in the UK in particular. As well as this they are keen to support small farmers and keep the traditions that go into cheese making alive.

Brighton - La Cave a Fromage cheese and wine photo by modernbricabrac

Their enthusiasm and commitment are contagious and at the tasting session we were not disappointed.  Served up enticingly on a slate slab were a selection of hard and gooey cheeses, each accompanied with a description of its pedigree and a carefully chosen wine.

Their choices brought surprising tastes to your palate, with the stand out favourite going to Banon from Provence, completed with a glass of Cuvee Marianne red, 2004 from Chateau Saint-Louis-La-Perdrix, Costieres de Nimes. This may sound really specific, but that’s what it is all about when you venture away from the cheese trilogy, Cheddar, Red Gloucester and Wensleydale with Cranberry, and in place of these three choices, a whole world of flavour, expertise and passion is unleashed.

The number of cheeses I could wax lyrical about are endless, so I’ll just suggest one more combo to look out for, try the Stilton matured in port from Leicestershire with the Moscatell, 2005 from Mas Estela, Costa Rosa. Oh, I do love a bit of Moscatell.

Brighton - La Cave a Fromage cheese and wine photo by modernbricabrac

Every other Thursday, you can book into a tasting session and benefit from a little cheese based wisdom for yourself or visit their website and seek their expert advice on there. Type in your favourite cheese and they'll advise you which wine would best complement it.  Calories? who's counting?

La Cave a Fromage
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