Lyme Regis Walking Festival with a Janeite appeal, 9th February - 16th February 2013

Approximately three hours from Brighton along the south west coast and lying in the heart of the 95 mile long Jurassic coast is the beautiful seaside town of Lyme Regis.  Next month the town will host its first ever Walking Festival where knowledgeable guides will provide local, literary, historical and geological information alongside walks and electric bike tours.  One of the planned walks will be of particular interest to Jane Austen fans and will cover where she stayed and locations of interest from her novel Persuasion. 

For fossil enthusiasts, there will be a walk organised by the Lyme Regis Museum with Geologist Paddy Howe and Marine Biologist Chris Andrew.  With the cliffs around Lyme Regis affording a constant supply of fossils from 180 million years ago there is always a chance of discovering fossilised remains. Look out for the likes of the giant ichthyosaur, bearing a resemblance to our modern-day dolphin but extending in length by approx 2-4 metres or the plesiosaur, ranging from 2 -15 metres in length, an underwater equivalent of a giraffe due to its long neck, as well as possibly finding belemnites, with its closest resemblance to a squid and ammonites with their spiral shells.

Taking place in February, the locals are keen to show how equally beautiful the Dorset landscape is under winter skies when tumultuous seas create a dramatic backdrop and skeletal trees dominate the countryside.

Lyme Regis Cobb, taken by Didi2695, Flickr
Since posting this blog, Natalie of Literary Lyme Walking Tours has contacted me with more details relating to the walks that she has organised.  All three walks sound really interesting and I’d love to go on all of them.  Below are the details she has sent to me: